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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Retrograde and Frankenweather

It nearly hit 80F on Thursday and I spent almost 9 hours working on leaves and other outdoor chores, trying to get the basics done before Frankenweather set in.  

Friday morning got to 62F, but then the wind shifted and I worked the rest of the day in dropping temps (low 50s) and cold wind.   About the last thing I did before I gave up the ghost was to clear off the deck.  I didn't get anything put into the shed (just stacked pots, benches, etc. in front of the deck for later moving), nor did I get the geraniums into the basement (I just schlepped them into the sunroom while they were all still nice and dry). 

I DID get all the leaves from the front/side lawns onto back beds.  By 5:00 I was totally toasted and hit the showers.  I'm done. I'm done (well, for now - ready for weather), I chanted.  Alas, fresh from the shower my nabe Todd rang the doorbell.  "Hey, you said you needed more leaves.  I blew up a pile from my place for you."   And, dang! if he didn't.  I had to laugh.  No way was I going to be able to do ANYthing with leaves for nearly a week (according to the weather channel).   So we mounded them up (me in my PJs) and covered them with a tarp. 

Then Friday, midnight-ish the front came in from the west and dropped temps and 3/4" of rain by Saturday a.m.  Talk about timing.  I spent Saturday on the couch.  After 5 days of non-stop heavy lifting, I couldn't lift anything heavier than a mug all day.  *moan*

We were dry for about 8 hours last night, then FrankenSandy bumped into our front and pushed it from Pennsylvania BACK to OHIO.  Yikes.  I realized the gutters hadn't gotten cleaned, so early this morning I climbed up a long ladder and cleaned out my south side (2nd floor) gutters, then clambered out the upstairs windows out onto the sunroof and cleaned  both the upper and lower gutters.  I was pretty soaked when I was done.

WAS I done?  Heck no - I drove over to my mother's and cleaned out HER gutters because she never thinks about them.  Back home, I've changed clothes, contemplated a cup of hot tea, but have, instead, opted to break into my last bottle of cider.   Oh, if anyone ever deserved a good slug of alcohol this early in the day (just coming on noon), then it is most decidedly - ME! 

OK.  I think I'm ready for Frankenweather.  I just hope the forecasters have overstated the danger of this monster hybrid combination of full moon/high tides, cold front, Atlantic low and Hurricane Sandy.  But I think it's going to be a bad one.

Everyone - stay safe.  Fingers crossed....