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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Oh happy day!

Happy happy joy joy!!

We put the cedar planks up on the fence extension.  What a difference!

Details will be posted soon on the Garden Projects page.  Keep checking the sidebar blogs for updates.

Happy happy joy joy!!

(Quick history - older posts:  Quick Privacy .... Frost & Fabric)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chapter 11 - a New Hope

In 2010 I spent some serious $$ on 26 yews to advance my 'privacy project'.  What a waste of my limited resources.

They have been a total failure.

And it is entirely because of DEER.

If I kept them covered (a real pain), they grew.

But the netting would blow off.  The deer would pull the netting off. etc etc

Every yew I planted have been reduced to less than original size and most of the branches don't generate new growth anymore.

I'm just walking away from the yews back by the golf course.

But I AM still trying to grow something between me and the wacko neighbor.

Enter the new contender:

Dwarf burning bush.

Yesterday I went to Lowes.  I was a fool.  It is Memorial Day weekend and 90% of the planet was there, buying plants.

Amazingly, things went well.  I found a wagon hidden under a shelf.  Yay.  When I entered both checkout lines stretched far into the nursery.  Yick.

But, by the time I found (fresh delivery) of burning bush (still only $6.98 this year) , loaded up the wagon and rolled back to the front of the store, they'd opened TWO MORE checkouts!  Unprecedented!

I was checked out within 10 minutes!

All was great. But when I was loading the car, I found one plant wasn't rooted in the pot, just laying on top of the soil.  Arrrrg.

Return it?  Back to the frenzy?  Had too.  *sigh*

I found a supervisor right at the door, showed her the pot and asked if I could just go get another one instead of getting in line to return/re-buy.

And you know what?  She said SURE!  I handed her the bad one, went grabbed a good one, sailed past the long line, let her verify I got the same plant and bingo - I was outta there!

Anyway I'm going to let these 12 babies stabilize for a while in their pots.  I tossed in some hollytone and watered them a couple of times until the dry soil held the moisture.  We'll see how the weather goes.  I may plant them soon or, like a bunch I bought a couple of years ago during the drought, I may let them beef up in the pots then plant them out in Fall.

I'll keep ya posted.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ah, September

While the rest of the summer months were having identity issues (too hot, too cold, too cloudy, etc), September arrived, self-assured, unperturbed and got right down to business.  Bright blue skies, dry breezes from the North (thank you jet stream), air so clear that every leaf and blade of grass gleams like it was new in Spring.  Sunglasses a must!

The past 3-4 days it never quite reached 70 during the day and the nights have dipped into the 40s (only 44F this morning).  That part is a little early this year, but I'll take that over muggy 70F+ nights any day of the week.  This month I'm back to being outside in long pants and denim shirts.  Hot lunches instead of salads and soup stock simmering on the stove.  I've gotten the chimney cleaned and now thoughts turn toward firewood delivery and getting the furnace checked.  October will be a working month - cleaning the beds and wrangling tons of leaves.

But not that.  Not yet.  September is usually kind.

It's great time in the garden.  While the grass hasn't ever gone dormant this year (due to a cool summer) the shrubs and crabapples got to keep their leaves throughout the whole season.  It's time to sit and swing and enjoy the blooms.  The tomato situation is under control (I've got what I want and give away the rest); the veg bed is giving me handfuls of this-n-that every day (beans, peppers, kale) - enough for fresh eating.  It's a good time to enjoy the weather - this between month.  This lull between frequent lawn mowing and the soon-to-come heavy-duty leaf cleanup/mulching.

Also a good time for some fun, outdoor projects while it's cool and dry.

See? Look.  The lumber fairy was here this week.

What's it for?  If you have to ask, then *tsk tsk* you've not been keeping up with current events on the Garden Projects Page.  CLICK HERE.  

How are YOU liking September so far?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Exciting stuff

<= Click the pic for latest posts on refurbishing the garden swing.

It's a perfect place to sit and sip and let the mind wander.

And get into some new trouble - here's the only clue you get for now, but there are BIG DOINGs afoot.  Can you guess?   ==>

As for the new garden pants, they have no idea what's in store.  Woohaha.   Stay tuned.

Friday, August 2, 2013


We're marking a milestone today.

Can you spot it?

Look closer.

There ya go.

My blue Roses - of - Sharon have gotten big enough to touch each other.

Another step in the ongoing privacy project.

Meanwhile, the double-file viburnums have quite a bit to go in that respect.

Another sort of milestone.

This hose has been curled under this bench for over 6 weeks.

We've gotten enough rain so that I didn't need to water as much, and when I did need to, the barrels have been full so  I used rainwater instead.

I could not have done that had all my vegs been out in the field instead of closer to the house in front of the privacy fence.

While I probably shouldn't be hauling water* as often as I do, still it's kind of an achievement to not have to use valuable well-water resources this summer.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that August will continue to be cool and give us more decent rain.

(*Let's not tell my physical therapist, okay? ;-D)


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Frost and fabric

Sunday (the 11th) was very warm (nearly 70) so I spent 9 hours outside on projects.  I emptied rainbarrels, replaced barrel downspout feeds for winter overflows, took down/cleaned/brought in the wall fountains, topped off the current compost pile and made ready for winter kitchen scraps, picked up all the branches blown down during the 5-day storm and *pant* spent 3 hours mowing the lawns.

Cold and frosty this a.m. - (note 20F on thermometer)

Another time consuming chore was re-installing my fabric privacy fence that Sandy (between the front and Sandy 6 days of rain = 5.3") pretty much beat up.    Since everything was down, I replaced the knotted cotton rope (which was rotting) with cable and clamps.  Then I rehung the landscape fabric.

The exposure was really bothering me and was uncomfortable that the inside of the garage, the turnaround, the deck and the sunroom was no longer private.  I'm just going to have to bite the bullet next year and have a solid fence installed along that line.

Tuesday we got soaked with 3/4" of rain then temps tumbled into the 30s/20s. Today, though, starts a string of sunny (if cool) days, so, hopefully, I'll get to the last of the leaves.  Those sweet gums sure take their time shedding.  As you can see in the frost pic, there's still a lot left up on those limbs.

I'll be very glad when clean up is done and I can retreat into the house for the season.   I'm so tired.  And even though today is Thursday, my lower back has yet to recover from my Sunday chores! And that is frustrating (and painful).  At least I've regained my back-of-the-house privacy.  I can now enjoy sitting on the deck with a nice glass of cider during this pleasant spell of weather. :-D

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Friday was glorious!  The sky was brilliant blue.  The grass was green and lush (and mowed).  The sun was warm.  The breeze was lovely.

I just couldn't wait to run outside and play!

While it was still too early to commit tender plants (veg & annuals) to garden beds, there must be SOMEthing I could get on with.

And get on with it I did.  Click the can for details.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


2011 was a good year for advancement on the ongoing Privacy Project.  Not only was the cedar fence installed to block out the voyeuristic neighbor, but shrubs aplenty joined the fray.

From left-to-right and top-to-bottom:

3 azaleas installed beneath the north-most gum tree
2 azaleas 'healed in' in one of the compost beds for overwintering
2 spirea installed between the 3 pine trees planted in Spring 2010
8 Canadian hemlock planted under the sassafras trees along south prop line

6 Runyan yews planted Spring 2010 (north prop line)
20 Runyan yews planted Spring 2010 (east prop line)
1 rhody in front of house to replace one that died
4 rhodies planted under 2 ash trees in front yard

6 burning bush joins original BB rescued from Mom - SW corner at road (2 pics)
1 Nanko cherry behind burning bushes
1 Nashiki willow in front of garage window

6 Canadian hemlock planted between shrub islands along north prop line/driveway (4 pics)
2 Nashiki willows in 1 new shrub island

Not pictured are 7 pine trees planted Spring 2010 along the southwest corner back by the golf course along with 4 new spirea back there.

With all the rain we got last season, it was an excellent time to plant all the shrubs.  Once installed and with only 1 follow-up watering, they all did well on their own. 

Last season the golf course ran chain saws and chippers ALL SUMMER.  They LIMBED UP every evergreen they had so they could mow under them.  They also limbed up (or removed) all their deciduous trees to 'cut down on leaf removal in Fall'.   What has emerged is line-of-sight into 3 new neighborhoods and street traffic over a quarter a mile across the links.  What used to be a quiet, secluded setting here is turning into a parking lot.

And you may also remember that the power company came through the area 2 years ago and hacked out lots of evergreens and maples.  Not one of the property owners have planted as much as a stick!  So call me crazy, I'm just going to ring my place with trees, shrubs and evergreens.  It may take a long time to fill in, but if I'm lucky, I'll still be here in 30-40 years to enjoy the oasis I'm shooting for.

Though my selections are based solely on what is available at Lowe's & Home Depot, they have the best return policy around and near the end of the season excellent dickering/deals are to be found.  And it seems every year something new shows up.  2 years ago it was the Runyan (to 8-10') yews.  This year decent sized hemlocks were to be had.   I could still kick myself for waiting too long to scoop up 2 Sargent crabapples this Fall, so I'll have to be more observant next year.

Bottom line, let 'em call me the crazy lady who's always planting stuff.  When they look around and can see (and be seen) for half-a-mile away, the one thing they won't be able to see is - me! :-D

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quick privacy

My shrubs along the side of my driveway help screen piles of debris, rotting wood, abandoned garden plants, equipment and other mess from next door (under the 1st 2 arrows).  They also help block the windows of the voyeuristicly-inclined other neighbor (under arrow #3).  But now the shrubs have been trimmed and both they and the crabapple are losing foliage.  Now the front of the turnaround, the deck, the interior of the garage and the inside of the sunroom are again exposed to prying eyes while I'm now faced with having to look at the ever-present mess right next door. After 9 years I'm tired of it.

So I rigged up a quick screen using rope, landscape fabric and clothes pins.  By overlapping the panels, wind can blow through the screen without opening any gaps.

I was afraid that a black wall (even a temporary one) would look less than pleasant.  But, honestly, I liked it immediately.  I may hang more fabric to the left of the red-twigged dogwood and close up the view over to the viburnum.  We'll see.

Bottom line, I've decided to double the length of the privacy fence and run it all the way down the turnaround and end it across from the corner of the garage.  Just imagine how much nicer that will look and how secluded my outdoor living space will become!

But that will have to wait until next Spring.  

Since the owner with all the piles of rotting wood etc. actually lives in another house, this one (which always looked a mess when they lived there) is getting even less attention now.  When I extend the privacy fence, I'll include a gate somewhere.  After all, should someone neater with more property smarts moves in, we might be able to exchange views.  But until then that gate will remain firmly shut.