Saturday, January 3, 2009

Among friends

I was lucky to have some extra time over the holidays so I could browse on the internet. First off let me say that even though I posted and commented a couple of times on the previously mentioned "bee and beekeeping" forum, it is quite inactive and I was very disappointed. However, after mulling it over a bit it dawned on me that I'm not really hanging out in the best forum. After all, if you take away my current aim (supporting bee and other pollinating insects) what do I actually have? Well gee - a cottage garden!

So I cruised on over to the Cottage Garden forum and, honestly, I've barely had time to come up for air! Wonderful folks. Helpful, friendly, informative and enthusiastic. Avid to share plant knowledge, gardening tips and, be still my heart, seeds!

It's an absolute joy to 'hang out' with fellow gardening and pollinator enthusiasts. And, like a lot of folks with a passion, they blog! They journal! They website (is that really verb? *heh)! There's nothing like a picture of a sunny garden on a winter's day to boost spirits and get the brain racing toward the next season.

I was so inspired by the garden pics I've seen, that even though this blog is dedicated to bee and pollinator gardening, I couldn't resist showing off some of my own efforts. So I've added 2 new pages to this blog. At the top of the sidebar there is a new label with links to pictures of my flower gardens and the vegetable garden. After all, what good is the internet if you can't load up a server somewhere with a gazillion pics! :-)

Meanwhile....back to the forum. I'm collecting new tips for starting bee forage plant seeds in the basement. ;-)

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  1. I'm a bit scatterbrained, and have been doing some blog reading at work, and think I'm going to comment later in the evening, so now I can't remember if I made any comments on your garden side.

    I have lots of bees and wasps on my flowers in the summer, and I'm glad to see the bees seem to be healthy around here. This summer, though, I feel deeper in love with butterflies.

    lvtgrdn from the cottage garden forum


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