Saturday, December 20, 2014

Over the holiday hump.

Actually got the tree/decorations up in the bay window.  How bright and festive to have the lights on during these grim gray days.

That was fun.  What I really struggle with is this:

The cards.  This should be enjoyable but it it takes me hours to do a dozen cards.  The list, the cards, the envelopes, the stamps, the notes, the addresses...

I can build a planter box, fix shingles, make my own chandelier, wrangle computers, but nothing frustrates me more than sending out holiday cards.

I WANT to be in touch with my friends, especially at this time of year, but this - it's just painful.  So I force myself and in the end am wrung out and usually sport a migraine.  Why?  Any clues?  How about you ... what holiday function gives YOU grief?

Bottom line - cards are in the mail!  Yay!  Happy happy joy joy, everyone.  Hope you are finding smooth sailing over the holidays and are enjoying friends and family.

Take care...  Now, where's my Imitrix?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Just chillin' out

Haven't been blogging lately, just chillin' out right now.

I'm playing a lot on the iMac.

Watching some movies on Uverse.

Spending time with Mom.

Otherwise, allowing myself to take things easy right now.

And that is just not blog-worthy.  

As you can see the salmon geranium I brought into the basement has grown and blossomed, so it's up in the front bay window for now - until I bring down the Christmas tree next week.

Otherwise, things are nice and calm here.  We're  healthy and warm cozy inside for the winter.  Can't ask for more than that!

Hope you all are too.  More later if anything interesting happens. :-D

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Feng Shui'd

You can always count on foliage to soften any tech corner. :-D

I have to repot the plant into something nicer and get another plant stand, but the concept is a winner.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

MACarena dancing

The Macbook Pro has been moved into an assisted living stage.  It works most of the time, but something it won't turn off the hard drive, causing it to overheat and freeze up (ironic).

While I could shop around for someone who could actually diagnose my guess about the hard drive problem (fan not working? thermostat prob? lid sensor?  who knows) my friend Dave generously loaned me his old iMac.

He brought it down Saturday and we expected a no-brainer migration from the old to the, well, less-old unit.  We thought we had it in the morning after breakfast.  We thought we had it in the afternoon after lunch.  And we worked some more on it in the evening and then called it quits.  Doncha hate it when that happens.

And it doesn't help that both of us have different levels of OCD to work on things like this.  I was up and at it around 5:30 this morning, trying different ideas.

Poor Dave, I iMessaged him relentlessly while I moved stuff, saved stuff, tried stuff and activated stuff.  I didn't realize how late it had gotten (noon, still in jammies, breakfast-less, eyes burning), so I dressed, refreshed and had some lunch.  Things were going pretty good so now I was in 'tweak' mode.  I still pestered messsaged Dave until he told me I was getting on his nerves.  My bad.  Still, this kind of behavior was why I was so good at my job in IT - I'd work for days on computer problems until things got sorted out.

Anyway, my worst fear has not been realilzed.  No, nothing ON the new unit, but the SIZE and placement of the thing.  It's HUGE.  The screen is 31", almost as big as my living room TV (33")!!  How would it fit in my corner computer nook.

As you can see in the 1st pic, having a laptop keeps the corner aesthetically pleasing, especially when the lid is closed.  Simple.  Just the unit, an external drive, mouse and mousepad.  No muss, no fuss.

The new unit is actually a desktop except that Apple has crammed all the stuff of a tower INSIDE the monitor.  Weighs a ton.  Back is riddled with various connection ports, the side sports SSD and DVD slits. Talk about overkill.  Still, I really needed to augment the failing laptop and by golly I was going to make this transition work, by hook or crook.

Well, I found a way to make it fit.  And that only because I expect this to be a temporary thing until I can find another 15" MacBook Pro. I turned everything sideways (toward the inside of the house, not toward the front door).  During this phase I'll be using both of them until I'm really REALLY comfortable with the iMac.  After all, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to keep open the lines of communication between her and the outside world.

And, Dave? The man is THE ubergeek.  Very generous with his time and equipment.  And patience?  He may need to recover from this weekend.  I think I tested his envelope and hope to make it up to him.  Really.

So this is the first entry from the iMac.  I'm getting the hang of the thing.  Hardest thing is finding the right reading glasses/distance for comfort and convenience.  Bottom line, I'm liking the thing.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Mac is dead! - well, mostly.

It was a lovely Thanksgiving with friends, family and food.

But when I came to blog all the details this morning, the Mac was very hot when I opened it, giving off a wave of heat, and unresponsive.  Only seven years old. *wah*

Fortunately I have an iPad, but no access to all my files on the Mac, including pics.

I don't know how this will all shake out, so if you don't hear from me for a while, send me an email to check up on me.



Well, maybe not.  I took the thing out to the sunroom, let it grow cold and quiet, brought it back inside, plugged it in and HALLELUJAH!!   It's up and running.  All is well. (Well, almost.  The old battery may never recover.  It shows no sign of charging.)

At least I don't have to do some kind of panic, knee-jerk reaction purchase right now.  I'll have time for research.  *whew*


12/3 - It IS dying.  Keeps conking out.  Can't depend on it now, even with occasional CPR.  So D. is going to lend me his old 2011 27" iMac.  Good grief it is huge.  But I can't go without my communication that Internet provides.  And I will never go back to PC.  Ever.  Really.  So Saturday we'll transfer off the MacBook Pro (2008 - it's had a good long life for a tech product!) to the iMac.  More posts and pics then.

Meanwhile I have been updating sidebar blogs....

Sunday, November 23, 2014

It's all about timing

Around 11:00, I took a walk outside to access the leaf/lawn situation.  I had it in the back of my mind that I could probably get the last of the leaves done and the mower stowed on Tuesday after the front moved through.  Wednesday for sure.

That was the plan....

Next thing you know, it's 2:30 and I'm just getting back in.  Seems last night's rain (.1") melted most of the snow while not softening up the soil too much.

So I wondered.... and I was off.  Yeah a totally different day than I planned.  No TV movies and braising something in the oven.  Nope.  I ended up sucking up more leaves, adjusting the leaf guard fence, hauling out a hefty load of kitchen compost and, finally, shut down the mower, stored it in the shed and took the battery down to the basement where it will 'float charge' until Spring.  *whew*  I'm pooped.

Thank goodness for the leaf fence.  The nabes have no luck getting things done in that regard, so a lot of leaves are still blowing around in their yard.  I just hope they stay there for the winter (and out of my garage!).

I came in, grabbed a cold drink and an ibuprofen and decided to put up a quick post.  As I was putting this together, I checked the radar.  O. M. G. !! 

I'm very glad I didn't know this was coming while I was working.  I'm sure I would have let some things go thinking I wouldn't have time to finish.

All I can say is - I'm glad I went with my gut today, instead of following the original game plan.  Looks like anybody east of the Mississippi is going to get really wet and really really windy until Tuesday when the temps tumble again.  Oh yay.  Hang tight, everyone.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Was about 4" when this photo taken earlier. Now measuring closer to 7". Heavy wet snow. Helluva day.

Late that day:  I don't know WHY I think I can still shovel snow.  This was probably a bad idea, but this heavy snow would freeze solid tonight and the next couple days since we will only get UP to the 20s.  If this freezes in place, I'm sure I'd have trouble getting the car out of the garage and around that tight turn onto the straight driveway.  But really.  I have to do something about this.  I'm too darn old and broken down and if I fell, nobody would even see me back here.  Foolish foolish me.  *sigh*