Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pop up storms

 On deck, sipping tea, enjoying a nice morning and planning on getting more yardwork done before this afternoon's long rain moved in.



*drip drip*  Huh?

Then a flash of light, loud thunder and *whammo*  pouring down rain.


I'd checked the radar not 20 minutes ago and Ohio was totally clear with the storm way down by the Ohio River.

More lightning, thunder and the rain was pelting down.  Yow!

I ran inside, pulled up the radar and bang!  Out of nowhere an isolated storm had formed right over Canton!  And it was a doozy!

Within 15 minutes we got a 1/4" of rain.  It blew itself out finally.

I came in to document it and you won't believe it, but ANOTHER storm has materialized and it's pouring down rain - again!  Radar shows this one will march right over us too.  The rest of the state is totally clear!


Imagine how much we'll get from the 'big one' coming? 

Hope your day is dry.

Thankfully, I got all the lawns mowed yesterdy..... :-D

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Niiiiiiice long weekend!

Saturday was cool and windy and Nick came and helped me on the inside purge project.  I'm putting up posts of that effort on the HouseHold Adventures sidebar page (2 entries this weekend).  You can read up on that progress over there.  

He was back Sunday and we spent the day outside this time. After all - it was in the 60s !!!  I had managed to pull the mower out of the shed and get that going to help us.  We did some fence work, gathered downed branches and even transplanted a Japanse Maple sapling (posted on the Garden Projects sidebar page.)

I was still on a roll when Monday came.  Talk about a treat!  It got into the 70s!!!! Extremely windy, though with steady 20mph and gusts well into the 30s all day as the cold front approached.

Still, when the temps went up, I opened up every screened door and window in the house to air everything out.  Fresh air everywhere.  Had to brace some of the inside doors because the wind whistling down the hallways would slam doors shut, given the chance.

By late afternoon the house, previously on 66F in the a.m. (furnace heat overnight) had soared to a lovely 76F.  Then I closed all the windows before the front arrived, dropping the temps well into the 50s.  Brrrr.  The house was still 70F this morning (Tuesday).  What a treat to not have the furnace coming on, even if for a day or two.

Meanwhile, outside Monday, I put on the bagger and did a bit of tidy up under the gum trees, fertilized the line of burning bushes, sprinkled Milorganite around the (already chewed) daylily sprouts, pumped up all the tires (wheelbarrow, wagon, mower, etc.) and fixed Mom's trellis (also on the Garden Projects page).

Taxes were submitted.  Woohoo.  

Yep, it was a good weekend.  Well, almost.  Sunday my ears plugged up and I was a bit dizzy.  Monday - my right arm suddenly went numb for a couple minutes.  D^mn!  I thought I was past all this crap.  

So I am ready for a rest.  This morning I took Mom to PT, we had coffee, I'm catching up on the blog, and I think (since it's cool and cloudy now for the rest of the week) I'm going to chill out.... maybe).  LOL

How about you.  Did you get stuff done with that warm day?

And don't forget those sidebar entries. :-D

Thursday, April 9, 2015

April Showers

It's been a rainy month so far.  3 inches since last week and more coming down as we speak.  Was at Mom's yesterday when the first thunderstorm broke loose.  I was in the garage and the water was running all over the floor.

The gutter was clogged!  So, pouring down rain, thunder, lightning, I hustled out a ladder, tried to brace it in the mud at the side of the garage, reached in a removed all the pine needles. Yay!  

Well, no.  All the water rushed into the downspout, then geysered right up from the clogged feed drain.  Oh crap.

So I had to knock off the bottom piece of the downspout, root around in the garage for something to direct the flow out into the lawn and away from the garage.  Found a length of dryer vent, forced that onto the downspout, and got the water flowing away from the garage.

I was soaked to the skin from head to squishy shoes.  

Then the rain stopped.

Yep, my kinda day.

We'll have to clean out that lawn drain.  Which means *I* have to clean it out.  *sigh*

After changing into some of dry duds from Mom, I headed home, feeling good that I got that MacGyver'd up for now.  Especially since another cloudburst on the way home - so heavy cars were pulling off the road due to lack of visibility.

Spring in Ohio.  Not for wimps. We're having a thunderstorm right now as I type!

But it makes us so pleased when something good comes of all this.  Check out the arbor bed this morning.

Hello! Yellow!  :-D


Just checked the radar.  Some yellow is NOT good.  Eeek. It's all heading right for us. Sooooooooooooo glad I got Mom's gutter sorted out!! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ceremony of Transition

I've been working (on & off) on this year's big downsizing purge.  The first thing I addressed was a glut of old documents, documents that have accumulated since I moved into this house at end of 2002.  That's over 14 years.  Long enough.

Back in 2007 (I think - can't find the old photos) I girded myself and finally shredded all documents pertaining to my OLD house.  Yep.  I always worried I'd have to prove to a bank, a vendor, a tax collector, etc., that things were OK.  Shredding that up took me using my little home shredder and I ended up with bags and bags of paper to recycle.

I decided not to go that route this time around.  Instead, I took time to go through a lot of business and personal history, set aside sentimental/important items and put the rest in file boxes after I removed all clips, bands, clamps, covers, spines and folders.  What went in the boxes were straight paper.

Ended up with 5 heavy boxes I could not lift (shoulder) so a friend took them downstairs and loaded them into the car.  Yesterday I drove the lot to a professional, secure documentation destruction facility about 10 miles south.

I got lost and had to phone them for help.  They were so friendly (U-Shredd-It - kind of a misnomer as THEY shred it).  They were waiting for me outside by the door (waving and smiling) with a security bin when I did arrive.  They unloaded the boxes, dumped them into the bin, and we all walked it into the building where the bin went into the shredding room and I went into the observation office.  I watched in silence.  Everything older than 3 years: bank statements, cancelled checks, utility bills, investment documents, business transactions.  Medical & Rx info. Defunct insurances. I got emotional thinking of the years of pay stubs, printouts of some of my best computer programs, technical/training manuals I'd written.  I even let go (after a final reading) of wonderful job evaluations from bosses and colleagues.  Old bank/savings accounts, long closed, when I was saving for the new house. There it all went.  Over 135# of it.

I apologized for the sniffle to the associate who was watching with me while she prepared my invoice.  But to me it was a ceremony, I had needed to find a facility that had a viewing station.  I didn't want to just leave my stuff at a free shredding place, locked or not.  This paper had meaning.  History.  It's destruction had to be witnessed.  Because now I'm at a place in my life where I COULD let go of paper that said I was good at my jobs, that I was financially acute, that I pay my bills, that I had managed to pay off 2 houses in my life.  I was ready to let go the dusty evidence, free up the space (mentally and physically) and live more in the now.

The associate said business witnesses come for security reasons when they watch.  But most regular folks (like me) are there for emotional reasons: loss of a family member, someone going into assisted living, downsizing, etc.  Like me, they find comfort knowing this stuff is not just going to trash, but being efficiently destroyed, compressed, baled and recycled into useful things like cardboard, etc.  Circle of life.

Anyway, Terry (the owner) wouldn't allow me to bring home even a small handful of my shedded material due to strict HIPPA security laws.  He did, however, shred up some unimportant paper I brought along so I could show you how well the process works.  (see bottom center pic)

I will use this facility again in the future when I start divesting myself of a backlog of old computer equipment, because they have machines that destroy computer data storage items like harddrives, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, VHS backup, etc.  These items are shredded into bits, then melted down for recycling.  

Bottom line, watching the shred was a good experience.  Safe, secure and, comforting.  I, personally, needed closure.

Okay, off to sorting books.  At least I know after going through a dozen boxes (never opened since I moved here) anything that doesn't make the cut can go right to the local Friends of the Library group for their annual book sale.  Much less emotional to be sure.  I'll let THEM decide what is saleable and what should be recycled.

How about you?  How do you deal with these situations?  Do you just pitch stuff?  Worry about security? Any emotional involvement?


Hey, found the old 2007 Jan photos of that shred.  Impressive, no?  And it took me days and days.  The trip to the shredding company VERY worthwhile! 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring? Spring? Where??

Last week a couple of crocus made a brave show above the frost.

But really, there is little other evidence of Spring.

Only 9F this morning with some new snow yesterday and overnight.  The birds need ice skates at the birdbath and the emerging daffs seem to be clutching a blanket of last years leaves for warmth.

So I've been busy in the kitchen and in the basement so if you don't see many posts on this main page, check out the sidebar blog pages.


Still - there are hopeful signs.

The grackles are back. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Not much happening

Just a quick post to let ya know I'm still here.

The weather is all over the map since the 15th:  mildish days, freezing nights, yesterday 1/2" snow, tomorrow thunderstorms.  March - not for wimps.

Been working on & off at this year's major purge project.  How fortuitous that this year the county has teamed up with 2 additional recycle centers that take a plethora of electronics, machinery, broken appliances, tires, etc.  And I also found a secure document shredding company not to far from me.  (I'm going to shred up 35 years of business and banking documents - finally! I'm such  packrat.)

I've been doing some sowing in the basement and that's coming along pretty well (check sidebar blogs).

Just getting off a 2-day migraine today and still feeling a little rocky.  These things are so few and far between since I went gluten-free that I've forgotten some of my usual coping tricks.  LOL  

Today the sun is shining, the wind is cold and the birds are singing.   Hope you are doing well too.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The ides of March

Snowbank update : from March 1st to March 15th.

We've had a mild week and 2 rain events (.3" Wed; 1.25" Fri-Sat) and it's really cleared things up snow-wise.

Thank goodness it was warm enough before the rains to allow the gutters and ice-dams to melt before all that water hit the roofs!

It's great to watch the snow recede.  Back on the 8th when I had to tromp back to the shed to get some gear to take care of that frozen downspouts, I was pushing through 10-12" of snow - and those weren't drifts.  Umph!

Amazing how quickly (relatively speaking) all that stuff melted away in the 40+ temps.  Big bonus - we had nights above freezing.

Then we got the big rain Friday and Saturday.  It kept coming down for nearly 24 hours.

It was still raining in the Sat. morning when buddy Dave and I set out for a Hartville run.

We saw lots of flooded farm fields, yards under water, streams over their banks, and snow piles from plowing everywhere.

It was a real mess.

But you can tell people were getting cabin fever, the roads and shops were crowded with folks anxious to get out.

Tomorrow promises temps in the 50s with sunshine!  Woohoo.

Hopefully, soggy lawns aside, I can go out and DO something useful.  If not, I can see some serious time out on the garden swing before we get another cool down starting Tuesday.

Meanwhile, inside, I've been pottering around in the basement with some sowing, and on the 2nd floor getting a start on the year-long "big purge".  The shoulder is not giving me hardly any grief (I'm being good), and Mom is doing fine.

Hope you all are getting out and about after such a looong harsh season.  Watch out for puddles.