Saturday, December 17, 2016

Forget Santa - this year's list goes to the Electors

Esteemed Electors,

There is mounting evidence that the 2016 general election has been compromised by the Russian Government.  Additional evidence suggests that Trump himself was privy to this cyber invasion.

Even without the Russian interference, Trump's selection of cabinet and security appointments show that he has no regard for norms, standards, or qualifications for these positions.  He has no regard for the Ship of State or American citizens and their rights.

A president is held to our highest standards of ethics, morality, decency and compassion.  He must listen, consider, weigh and judge information, pursue justice and provide for America domestically and represent us in world activities.

Donald J. Trump's history of indecency, bankruptcy, racism, and falsehoods will NOT change should he become President of the United States.

You, electors, are now forefront in history.  Alexander Hamilton created the EC (though he quickly regretted that decision) to PROTECT THE PEOPLE from DESPOTs and DEMAGOGUES.  Donald Trump is a DESPOT of the highest order and has shown consistent intent to undermine and/or abolish many hard-fought-for institutions of Americandemocracy. 

As a fellow citizen, I implore you to NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP. America can be pulled back from the brink of disaster.

This is YOUR TIME in history.  The very existence of America as we know it is now in YOUR hands. 

This is NOT a PARTISAN issue.  It is a MORAL and ETHICAL issue.  Again, please -- save our country.



Electoral College PETITION

PETITION to Electoral College to affirm POPULAR VOTE of 2016 election


  1. Well written!
    Keeping fingers crossed, but oh, it doesn't look good. I've read that threats were made. This country is sure in a mess.............

    1. Everything is threatened these days. The world has gone mad.


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