Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A snowball's chance

As bleak as I feel
I've been busy (occupied?) since my last post.  I'm hanging onto my emotional roller-coaster with both hands and when the dips go down to fast and too deep, I remind myself there is always wine in the 'fridge.

I've getting more and more PRO-active than RE-active.  I am very into Twitter now, especially in the political arena.  I'm on top of issues, follow VALID TRUE reporters and am learning how to spot FAKE NEWS (which is rampant and vicious).

On the pro-active side:

I've made a list of organizations that will need funding.  It's dreadful the way I've used some of them because they are available without reciprocating or supporting them.  Like many many (too many) of us, we have become merely passengers on our Ship of State.  And by doing so, our lack of attention and support created a void.  Nature abhors a void.  We apathetic and disorganized passengers have let in a "captain" who doesn't care about the ship OR the passengers.  He wants only to see how quickly he can dismantle the ship, sell the scrap and move on.

Move on to where, I wonder.  With his selection of appointees (I cannot call it a cabinet, but a playpen better describes it), we are doomed.  Kiss goodbye to EPA, banking laws, clean energy, nuclear power regulations, FDA, civil rights, reproductive rights, women's rights --  get the drift?  

Meanwhile he and his cronies will privatize Social Security cutting annual payouts by ONE THIRD (article here).  Then the GOP will gut Medicare.  

But wait, you say.  Trump said he wouldn't touch those VITAL issues.  (And Trump is such a truthful animal.)

Many believed him. Believed everything he said.  And discounted all his hate, his misogyny, his ignorance, his racism, his attack on the greatest free press in the world.  The list is long and sad.

As we've seen the circus seen over the past 5 weeks that he didn't mean anything he said.  All he did was use a wealth of fear to get him (and his family and his business buddies) into the WhiteHouse where he can use the highest office in the land -- to promote his shady business deals worldwide.  In the process he will destroy all our hard-won institutions, gut the treasury, and build up so much debt that the country will go bankrupt (like so many other of his projects) and will be sold off pennies on the dollar to foreign governments.

(And probably the very government - RUSSIA - that hacked both the DNC & RNC who released DNC emails and kept the RNC emails to leverage  GOP congress.)  This is NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY.  Evidence exists. DEMs & REPs are banding together in committees as I type this to investigate. 

In the end the only way a despot can achieve this destruction is by keeping us, we citizens, we carefree passengers, we inattentive lot, at each other's throats.  He will use the fearful, the hateful, the uninformed and fan those coals of disharmony into a raging fire that will burn through the American dream, leaving only cinders and divided people.

Are we going to let Trump USE us?  Are you willing to help?  There is still a chance, a 'hail Mary' if you will,  a snowball's chance....

The ELECTORAL COLLEGE will (or maybe not - there may be an injunction) vote for president on Monday, Dec 19th at each state's capitol.  There is still time to sign the petition to encourge the Electors to vote FREELY, for any QUALIFIED GOP, against Putin's puppet, and perform the function for which Alexander Hamilton created them:  TO PROTECT US FROM DESPOTS and TYRANTS. Please, help save the United States of America.

Electoral College PETITION

PETITION to Electoral College to affirm POPULAR VOTE of 2016 election


  1. Excellent post, Kris. VERY well written.
    I hope the electoral college does what it NEEDS to do.
    This man will be the END of the Good Life for a great many people...all the while fattening his own wallet. He sure fooled a LOT of people. And frighteningly enough--many STILL don't see it. Trump was sure being honest when he said "I LOVE stupid people". Hey, even Trump can be honest ONCE. Ha!

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  2. Thanks, Sue. It's hard for me to get into any kind of holiday spirit when the stake of the nation is in the balance. Take care.


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