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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nursing the nursery

I decided that I did not like having those dwarf bearded iris in the crabapple bed.  I don't truly appreciate the pale yellow blooms with dark brown beards.  No do I enjoy the long spiky foliage.

So out they went.  Oh look.  There were a couple of primrose behind them.  Hmmm.  Now they are going to be in blasting sun.  I'll have to relocate them.

There.  I like the iris not being there.

There again.  I like having more terra cotta colored pots in the bed.

Some of you sharp-eyed followers may have also noticed that the Golden Jubilee agastache has had a preemptive hair cut.  Last year what with all the rain, those plants topped out near 60".  They were messy, tended to blow over, and totally blocked my view of the arbor bed from the deck.

This year they will (WILL!!) stay at the 2-foot mark.

Now, regards to the post title:

There is a little owner-operated corner nursery that sell annuals, perennials, occasional trees & shrubs and mulch.  They also have a selection of local produce (the strawberries are in and they are heavenly!).

Thing is, Nancy (who's had the place for 33 years) is trying to run the place by herself!  Waiting on customers, scheduling mulch orders, buying, maintaining the premises, watering.  She's about at the end of her rope, since her daughter no longer wants to help her out.

A while ago, when Mom and I stopped to get her some annuals, I insisted on helping the owner.  It was blasting hot and the wind was dry, so I got the hose and just started watering.  I got about half the tables when her grandson came to help.  Nancy loved the way I watered and asked if I'd show her grandson what I was doing.  So I did.  I also left my name and number with the owner if she needed any kind of help.  Nancy tried to sell out last year, but the a$$hat she was dealing with left her high and dry with no final response, setting her back on getting things ordered for THIS season.

Anyway, the place is the FOUR SEASONs NURSERY just south of the intersection of Market Ave N. and Easton in North Canton.  She's right across from the Market Ave. N. driveway into Walsh College parking lot.  If you need some late plants, good produce, or some mulch, stop by and give Nancy your custom.  She could sure use some visitors.  Just not all at once. LOL  She's spread pretty thin.

To that effect, even though I start all my own plants, I stopped at the nursery Wednesday and loaded up on a tray of annuals.  (All 25% off right now.)

So, rather than planting up the new pots in the crabapple bed with my own Thumbelina zinnias, I just potted up from my new annuals.  There.  I've got three combo pots in the crab bed while the rest were planted around the birdbath.

I'm going to stop in at Four Seasons more than usual now that I know what's happening there.  Fortunately, I drive right by the place back and forth from Mom's house.

Maybe I'll bump into you sometime. ;-D

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Garden treats

It's bright and cold again this morning. Like yesterday, the bird bath is frozen over. At least the sun is shining and yesterday's cold North wind has died down.

While debating just how much outside work I wanted to do on Monday (turns out - very little! Brrr), I found a couple of surprises. First off this very early iris. I don't remember when or from whom I got it (senior moment). I only know that it is short, has 'real' iris foliage (not like Dutch or Japanese), and blooms in mid-April. I had no idea that it was this advanced by Sunday night and it obviously did not enjoy the 27F. The petals are sort of translucent, a sure sign of freeze. Poor thing. Hopefully the nights won't be as killer the rest of this week and I'll keep an eye out for the others.

I think I posted earlier that I bought 2 rhododendrons to put under the white-blooming crabapple tree. This 'Vulcan' sports deep red blooms and will make a nice change from the rest of my rhodys (lavender).

Obviously these new plants are more advanced than mine. Even so I did not expect them to start blooming in this cold weather (or hot, depending on the day - sheesh!). Still, it's a nice pop of color and (at least this year) I'll be able to see the red under the white crab.

Another garden treat (for which I don't have any pics) was a fun visit from fellow Ohio garden blogger, Jeph. You can check out his gung-ho gardening adventures HERE. Also, he and friend Mary have started a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) co-op this season and you can watch how all that shakes out HERE.

We toured the gardens, exchanged plants (toms, veggies & herbs), shared tips and ideas and thoroughly enjoyed the visit. All too soon he had to leave. Having taken the day off work his own beds beckoned while I was compelled to get out of the wind, so headed down to the basement to start some trays of annuals. After all - it's only 4 weeks till plant out. Woohoo.