Monday, November 28, 2016

Resist temptation

Blogging issues.  And all of them are mine, not Google, not the computer.


I have no center since the election and cannot find any motivation to put up entries about cooking, gardening, household doings.  Holidays, health issues, none of it seem to matter anymore.  Without a future to look forward to, all my todays are in limbo.

I don't make plans.  I go through the motions of everyday life, but inside I'm hollow.  I've lost my country.  Millions of Americans feel the same way.  Tens of millions.  Our candidate lost.   Democracy lost.  I'm lost.

Watch Trump fill his cabinet with corruption and hatred.  Where are the checks'n'balances?  Why aren't the Justice Department and Congress countering these appointments?  

Where is the Electoral College that was created to PROTECT US FROM TYRANTS and DEMAGOGUES?   

I'm looking at the greatest Democracy on the the rearview mirror.  Is the experiment is over? Maybe.  Many people wanted democracy, but not enough people wanted to have to work at it.  If you don't keep weeding a garden, water the plants, support the vines - you get nothing.  Not only will you not get any thing for yourself, but something else will take over the neglected space.

Same with democracy.  If you're not part of it, participating in the process, supporting causes, lend a helping hand somewhere, standing up for someone OTHER THAN YOURSELF...  If you expect someone else to take care of your country, well then.... 

You get Trump.  Four years?  Someone asked me what harm can one president do to a country (let alone the planet) in four years?  

Hitler did it.

This despondancy must pass. I have to resist the temptation to give up.  Resist the urge to not take care of my health anymore.  Resist the urge to hole myself away from others.  I must resist.

We, all of us, no matter party, station, or circumstance, must RESIST. We, each of us, are now charged with holding firm to democratic principles, keep them safe.  But not by hiding them away.  Democracy is a living thing.  Tend it.  Share it.  Nurture it in spite of tyrants and corruption.  Start by getting to know your own neighbors, community.  

A helping hand is a healing hand.

Remember, it's no longer about party politics.  We're in this together. This is how we will unite.  It's vs them.  Actions are already speaking louder than their words. THEY will not make our lives better, safer, more enriched.  THEY will boost the rich, ignore the poor and burn through what's left of the middle-class. 

But, if we are strong enough, dedicated enough, even scared enough; if we've held onto the hot coals of our precious democracy over the next four years, there may be enough heat left to fire up the process and that there will be a free and open vote. 

Resist the temptation to hide. Resist the temptation to go with the flow.  Resist unfair/unjust laws. Resist.  Resist.

And remember -- 2018 is a mid-term election.  Think ahead. Keep your House and Senate representative ACCOUNTABLE to what YOUR community sent them to do. 

LEARN from this election.  It's our only hope.


Please visit this site to view progress of the petition and consider signing.  Tens of thousands are protesting in cities across the country.  Most of us don't have the opportunity to do that.  But a petition IS something we can make time for, must make time for.  Thank you.

Link to: Electoral College PETITION

PETITION to Electoral College to affirm POPULAR VOTE of 2016 election


  1. Very well written, Kris.
    I admit-I'm one of those that wants to just bury my head in the sand and hope it all goes away. I know that's the wrong response....and yet anymore it feels as if we are completely powerless. We've seen our rights slowly stripped away and no amount of protesting has done a damn thing about it. "THEY"---the uber rich and their ilk, are the true rulers of our world and they don't play nice.
    I was talking to "The Boy" on the phone the other day and he was talking about some U.N. agreement for 2030 about sustainability---corralling everyone into mega cities--for our own good.
    The more I hear , the sadder I get at the state of the world. You know I'm right there with you ..........BUT---it just seems as if NOTHING works anymore. And "the people" are too busy with their self centered lives to even notice. Sad sad sad.
    Feel like taking up drinking?
    I'll have Don pick ya up. We'll plan our revolt......or just pass out.
    Please don't get toooooo discouraged. You keep sounding this sad, I'm gonna come down there and smack ya . Or not.
    Enough novel. I'm off (haha) to roast a chicken, chickie!

    1. 2030 sounds like science fiction to me right now. Things need done NOW just to come out in one piece in 2020. If you read the previous post, you'll find the answer to the drinking question.... Enjoy that chicken.


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