Sunday, May 17, 2009

Final freeze? oh pleeze, oh pleeze!

(5/19) Tuesday a.m.
It got down to 32F last night. But this morning the birdbath is free of icebergs and all shipping lanes are open! There was frost, but not as heavy as Monday morning. Hopefully this is winter's final hurrah and I can now enjoy playing in the garden without having to check the weather channel every hour for updates.

Let the garden games begin!

(5/18) Monday a.m.
It got down to 29F here and the birdbath is frozen solid! (I'm beginning to understand what the "F" after the temperature is really for! ;-D )

One more night of temps like this and then I should be able to start planting out! Woo hoo!

(5/17) Sunday:
They forcast for 38F tonight. Which means in my neck of the woods it will get down to 29-30 and I expect a freeze. Then maybe frost again Monday night. But then on Tuesday....

We're supposed to be out of the weather woods and looking good! I'll keep all my seedlings and starts under wraps for 2 more nights and then easing up on the nightly blanket ritual.

Meanwhile, check out these two posts: One with updates on my great tomato experiment and one on yet ANOTHER new flower bed.

More soon when all the ice is gone... ;-D

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  1. Is it normally this cold now? I bet your anxious to get those seedlings planted out once the weather is safe!

  2. Yeah, Catherine, the weather DOES do this every year. Our last frost date is between the 18th and the 20th, but always preceded with pleasant warm weather, tempting everyone to put out tender plants. Then everyone seems surprised with the temps dip and everyone scrambles. LOL It's Ohio!

    That's why I never plant out until well after most folks. But I still worry about my plants on the deck and in the hoop houses. This morning it is 29F and the birds are skating on ice on the birdbath. But, one more night (tonight) then we should be home free! Yay!

  3. I'm with you - this is getting old and tired. Someone needs to have a talk with Mother Nature!!! ;-)

    Woke up to a frosty/sparkly lawn this morning. I hope I did a good enough job of covering all the delicate stuff on the deck, the strawberry blooms out in their patch (not sure if they need it?), the blueberry blooms (I'm sure they need it!), etc...

    Just ooooone more night!

  4. Hi Jeph. I'm sure your stuff will be fine. Those strawberry blooms are tough, although when I grew them I also worried about them. *grin*

    ONE more night!!


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