Monday, July 13, 2009

Ring garden attracts more than just bees!

So I'm washing up some dishes and looking out the window toward the Ring garden and glimpse movement in the deep clover. Something small and furry. Is it a 'possom? A 'coon? A... a... dog? Omigosh! I rushed outside.

When I approached her, the little thing ran back through the wet grass and clover toward the tall weeds by the golf course. It took some time to coax her out (actually I had to get hold of her and bring her out). She was wet and shaking and her skin was all inflamed. I brought her up to the breezeway and wrapped her in a warm towel. Where did she come from? No collar. No tag.

I called all the organizations I could think of: local animal control, humane society, etc. None of them could offer any help! (So much for my years of supporting the Humane Society!) Next I checked out all local papers, Craig's list, etc. for any entries concerning a lost Yorkie. Nada! What to do?

The timing of the rescue was awful. I was packing up to leave for the holiday (4th) weekend and couldn't take care of a lost sick dog at this point. I went to my neighbors, explained the situation, and (with their hearts of gold), readily agreed to share her rescue.

After a vets' examination, her inflamed skin was diagnosed as a staph infection and is being treated with antibiotics. During the evening Trixie (we call her) stays with the nabes. During the day while they are at work I take care of her.

The vet thinks she might have been dumped because he said that in this economy heartless stupid people would rather just 'throw away' a pet they can't afford rather than do the humane thing and either find them new homes or have them quietly put down.

I admit I briefly toyed with the idea of adopting Trixie myself, but knew it wasn't a good match. If i were to have a dog it would have to be a more substantial breed, one that could help me in the garden, chase Frisbees, play tug, etc. A bigger dog.

Meanwhile she is getting well, gaining strength and showing every sign of bonding with my neighbor. (*grin*). We're taking good care of the Trixter and checking out several potential new owners. I'm sure that in no time this little girl's story will soon have a happy ending! :-D


  1. Oh, Kris, it has been so good of you to have saved Trixie. She looks like such a cute dog! I really feel for her and praying that she will soon find a home.
    Really, if I were somewhere near you, I will be glad to adopt her. I love dogs, all dogs. (I have 4 now, with 5 little puppies too. But the puppies all will go to their new home soon.)
    I send my love to Trixie.

  2. Thank you for being so kind to the little girl. She is so young and we have breed them to be so dependent on people. I would be there an instant and adopt her and I bet a lot of your blogger friends will say the same. You know I have a small dog and never thought I would take a bigger dog until I saw this brown eyed border collie looking at me with those same eyes. I know someone out there will be blessed by her.

  3. What a cutie. I don't understand how someone could just dump a dog, but I know it happens too often. I think it's great that you and your neighbors are helping her out til she finds a good home.

  4. Awww... Even though you may know this isn't the dog for you, or that you're not ever planning to have a dog, you did a great thing in taking her in, shelling out the money to take care of her, etc...

    This is how we got Moxie our cat - just found her out on the highway, tiny and frail - and we took her in figuring we'd try to find her a good home. Yeah, like that was going to be anywhere other than with us. ;-)

  5. Ha Xuan - I had no idea you had such a houseful of pets. No wonder you are always so happy and cheerful!

    L.D. - You are so right. These animals cannot fend for themselves since we breed those traits right out of them. Now they are our responsibility - and our joy...

    Catherine - It's incredibly immoral for someone to dump any animal that only wanted to love and be loved. They are cowards and lower humans in my mind. (*rant*) Thankfully my neighbors are golden, just golden!

    Jeph - While I'm sheltering Trixie, all the thanks for the vet visit go to the nabes. They already have a big lab so have all the 'dog' connections in place. And, honestly, the longer Trixie is around, the more endearing she becomes... It'll be hard to let her go to a new (most likely more appropriate - single dog home for older person/couple) home.

  6. Awww... wish I could have her!!!

    We adopted 3 cats over the past 6 years. We love each of them.

    Hope that she goes to a loving home.

  7. Toni, et al. We have found a new home for Trixie! Her new family will be taking our little girl this coming weekend to her new home. We're going to miss her, but are glad her story is having a happy ending. :-D

  8. So good of you to ensure her safety until you can find a good home. You know these little dogs do not 'know' they are little. I have a feeling she could be the "substantial" dog you would want. They can be quite fierce and protective. I hope you wait to part with her only when you find a good home! what a good thing you did. --robin

  9. Thanks, Robin. Trixie (now called Mia) is living the life of Riley down in Dover with her new family. We all wish her the best....

  10. USMC - Yes, poor Trixie. She was returned to my nabes only after 2 weeks. Another home was found for her, this time in West Virginia where everything has worked out fine this time.


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