Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wow! WS Buddleja blooms!

I had no idea that so many WS perennials would bloom the first year. Last year I DID start some perennial seeds under lights in the basement (hollyhocks and lupine) and I was surprised with the lupine actually bloomed the same spring. The hollyhocks, however, didn't bloom until this year.

So when I sowed all those perennial seeds in recycled plastic jugs this past winter, I did not really expect to see blooms the same year. Annuals, yes. Perennials? No, not really.

Boy was I wrong. In fact I updated the Flower page and listed all the WS perennials that are either blooming now or in bud.

But I think I'm happiest about are the 12-20 butterfly bushes that are budding out every day. Some are as high as my waist and still growing! (The plants, sillies, not my waist! *grin*) I honestly don't know how many bushes I have, some planting holes got more than 1 plant. I'm tickled pink, uh... purple! :-D

The biggest surprise, the 'knock me down with a feather' shocker is that my WS'd Dwarf Mustead lavender plants are beginning to bloom. How crazy is that?

For a complete list of WS perennial blooms visit my Propagation page (click here). You could also visit my updated Flower page (click here) where I show what's blooming in each bed. Meanwhile I'm going to update the Garden project page soon with info on the deck rebuild and new privacy fence. (It's always something to keep me from doing too much of that 'sitting down' thing I've heard tell about...!) Stay tuned! :-D


  1. HAHA! And you thought only I would get first year blooms. I love the wintersowing process. I try to share it with everyone I know. Looking good!

  2. That is pretty amazing to have Buddleia blooming so quickly!
    I was surprised that my WS hollyhocks are blooming this year already. I'm definitely going to do more WSing next winter.

  3. Tom - thanks for the compliment! Imagine, had I not stumbled onto the WS forum, I'd have squandered the summer sitting on the deck, sipping iced tea and reading good books. LOL

    Catherine - between the Buddleia and the Munstead lavender blooming, I'm totally amazed and surprised! I'm sure you're as delighted with your hollyhock success. Wonder what surprises are in store for us NEXT year! ;-D

  4. Wow - those are great! I'm jealous! Only two of my butterfly bushes survived from last year - one's sticking to under a foot tall (but blooming!), and the other is at least 4 feet tall, and has the biggest bloom clusters I've seen on a butterfly bush I've grown! BEAUTIFUL!

    I might have to try your WS technique this year.

  5. Jeph - For some good info on WSing visit the WinterSowing forum on GardenWeb (

    The FAQ (at the top) has all the basics to begin with. And then there are my own adventures on my blog...LOL

    You just can't have too many B'fly bushes, that's for sure. If you need seeds for WS, I have plenty.... Plus there are lots of gift seeds available for WS newbies! Jump in. It's fun. :-D


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