Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Heart of the Storm

It was warm this afternoon with temps in the high 70s. The sun was shining and puffy clouds drifted by. Then more clouds. Less puffy. More ominous. Thunder rumbled and the wind picked up. Darkness slashed with lightning. Wind. More Wind. Howling winds! Gusts up to 60mph. Temps plummeted 10 degrees in 2 minutes.

And it rained. No, not rain. Not raindrops falling. It was a torrent. A waterfall. A whirlpool falling from the sky. Gulleys gushed and gutters overflowed with white foam. In 15 minutes 1.5 inches of water.

As quickly as it came, it left. Blue sky. Puffy white clouds. Though still the air was chill, everything was washed clean. And there, reaching from the top of the sweet gum tree down to the castor bean plants, was a rainbow. Right in my backyard!

Then the mini-rainbow dissolved to be replaced by one larger and much more majestic.

Wow. What a ride.


  1. WOW! You had more rain than we did from that storm. I only had .5" from the 15-20 minute storm. And definitely no rainbows in the backyard...but we did see one later than evening when we were out.

    Damn storm made a mess of one my volunteer tomatoes, crashing it into a neighboring pepper plant. It also busted off one of my tall pineapple sage plants, which I left in place just in case it was merely bent a bit - but a couple days later and the plant was clearly dead. Oh well - more compost fodder!

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  3. Hi Jeph - I think the storm you are referring to was the 2nd of 2 storms that blew up on Monday. The storm I posted about occurred @ 6:00pm on Tuesday. It slid in from the WNW so probably totally missed you. (I hope your sage comes back from the roots. I grew it a couple of years.)

    Even though the winds howled and rain came in torrents, the only thing I lost was a tall zinnia plant. The sunflowers and the castor beans came through OK. Go figure... :-/


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