Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow kidding - we got more

I had moved all the snow by noon yesterday. But it kept snowing. All day. All night. Still a few flurries even as I type. Another 4-6 out there to move around today. Thankfully no wind so no drifts in front of the garage to dig out. I've been in this area for 30 years and never have we had such deep, persistent snowfall. This winter is one for the record books for sure. And no end in sight. *whimper*

But even with all the work, all the cold, and all the ibuprofen, you can't escape the fact that the view, the snowscapes are just downright stunning.

Later that same day -- OK, now it's lost all it's charm.

The front bay window is leaking from the seams where it attaches to the house. I dragged out the ladder and standing on the highest step I used a hoe to scrape off as much of the 15" of snow and ice on the window overhang roof as I could. Don't think I can do much more than that.

Inside - some plastic containers to catch the dripping, while I myself am slipping into angst mode..... *fume & worry*


  1. When you decide to finally move from that forsaken place, come to NC. It's going to be 62 on Sunday. We're finally seeing normal winter temperatures return. Watch, we'll get a foot of snow the first week of March. And then again in mid April.

  2. Tom - "forsaken" - surely you jest! Give up my 4 seasons? My lovely house? Ha! ;-D


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