Sunday, March 14, 2010


Goodness gracious! I haven't posted since March 5 and at that time the snow was really starting to melt. We all worried about the days and days of rain that had been forecasted for this area and the potential for flooding. But no rain at all for the whole week. Instead sunny days flirting with 60 degrees and above freezing at night. The garden beds beckoned, but I'm holding off, even for clean up. Too squishy out there right now.

The snow just vanished. At one point a friend and I drove down to her cottage in Atwood. We were gone only 2 hours. When we returned we were amazed at how much had melted. And remember. We had nearly 14" on the ground! Within 2 days it was all gone except for the slush piles on the north side of buildings and where the plows had dumped mounds of the stuff. I still have just a little on the north side, but honestly, it's all gone now. Even the gutter glaciers are history.

Yesterday and last night we finally got some rain, almost an inch. But it was slow and steady and soaked right in. Great for the gardens! You can see it's still dark and overcast here on Daylight Saving Time day. And while it will take a bit for my brain to adjust to this, what's really getting used to is how dark it is at night. For weeks and weeks the snow illuminated the night. I could see nearly everything in the yard and beyond either due to moonlight or just scattered light pollution from Canton. Now it's dark at night.

Winter was turned on like a switch - lots and lots of cold and snow. Then the switch turned off and we're in high 50s with 40s at night. Spring has arrived? Really?

Ha! Don't you believe it! Ohio springs aren't for wimps. It's the most untrustworthy, bipolar season of the lot. Rain, snow, ice, hail, heat, wind.... we get it all. So, fasten your seat belts. It's gonna be a bumpy ride. Woohoo.

P.S. I've updated the Plant Propagation page -- finally!


  1. I do remember having snow in April here in the mid-Atlantic area some years. It is gray and rainy here in Delaware today.

  2. Hello, violetlady! :-D
    It is still very dark and grey today, but no rain. But some (at least partial) sunny days in the forecast so looking forward to that. I actually have buds on one bunch of daffs. Can't wait to see them bloom. That'll kick the grey away!


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