Saturday, April 17, 2010


Wednesday it was up to 70 so I mowed the lawn. Thursday it tied a record for 81 and I planted 6 of the Eastern white pines. (*sigh* In the day I could have done all 10 the same day. Now I'm, um, more mature and have this *** failing ankle to deal with.)

The front was supposed to come in Friday, but I hoped for the best. I'd need a couple (maybe 3) dry hours to install the last 4 pines. It was supposed to hit 70 again. I was out on the deck around 7:00, sipping my first coffee and gazed toward the east and the bright sunrise. Yay! No rain. But with my back to the house I did not see what was coming from the west. Next thing you know I'm getting wet! Grrrr. It was a sunshower - bright sunshine and silver rain. I headed into the breezeway to look westward and see how bad the rain was going to be.

And there, low and behold was a perfect rainbow. I dashed for the camera. I've only seen a rainbow in the west twice that I can recall. It takes a perfect combination of sunrise angle and a 180 degree westerly rain shower.

I snapped pics out the front door, then using the autostitch program, I merged them to get the whole rainbow in a pic. (The dark area is where I had to lift the camera higher to get the arch, resulting in a hole in the pic.) Still, you can see the perfect arch toward the west.

The rain lasted only 15-20 minutes. Everything got wet but by 10:00 I was out planting. I'll post the update about that soon. Maybe on the 'garden projects' page. Or, at this rate, I may have to add another page for 'trees and shrubs'. LOL

Meanwhile, this morning the bottom has fallen out again. It's only 36 degrees outside. I went out cut my first asparagus for lunch today and it is spitting sleet and snow. The weather certainly isn't boring around here.


  1. You will be happy to know that we have bumble bees everywhere this spring. It is unusual and very welcomed. I hope the fruit trees get pollinated.

  2. Hi Larry. Yes, I've notice a lot of bee activity early this year too. Already tons of carpenter bees on the blooming trees. Out in the lawn on the violets and other unknown flowers are mason bees. And at Lowes in the nursery there were scads of honeybees on the collection of heathers. A good sign after such a steep winter. Yay for both of us! :-D

  3. Kris, you got colder than us...we are just in the 40's at night with this little 'adjustment' in weather. Spring is a fickle time.

    For you its an ankle, for me, its a hip! I keep complaining that I used to work outside all day and now I am lucky to make it to 3-4 hours.
    I do appreciate that I can do that though.

    The rainbow shot is lovely.

  4. Isn't it strange when the sun is out and it's raining? How cool that you got to see a rainbow.

    I hope your ankle is getting better.

  5. Glenda - yeah, we work with our injuries. My ankle will only keep deteriorating, eventually needing either an artificial replacement or total fusion. I don't want either....

    Sue - the rainbow was spectacular!! :-D


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