Saturday, May 15, 2010

The green wave

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I'm running out of deck space. All the GUL plants (even the annuals) are up from the basement. The veg plants are all hardening off. The WS plants are exploding out of their jugs and need to be either planted or potted up. And instead of addressing all these issues, I'm off in the driveway - filling pots with mix and planting more seeds.

I may need an intervention!

On May 10th the bird bath froze. Usually May 15/18 is our date for final frost. I'm thinking that 10th freeze may have been our final. *knock wood* If so, now I can really get into gear. woooohaha


  1. Kris, no rain at your house?

    I won't be able to plant for at least a week here. I figure the safe date here is May 20th.

    What are those neat little hoop house frames over the flats?

  2. We're so far away from frost it's not funny. Our last one was March 9. That's about a month early this year. We had a slight chance in mid April, but nothing came of it.

    Did I happen to mention that I have two rooted white butterfly bushes? And in a few weeks, I should have four rooted Santana butterfly bushes. Look it up. It's variegated. I might need to put your name on one. ;)

  3. Hi Glenda. Luckily we have gotten only a brief shower or 2 this past week. Lots to the north and south of Canton, though. Here is a link to how I made those tabletop hoop houses. They are a blessing to my aching back! hoop houses. You might want to start reading posts from the bottom up.

    Tom - our Spring has been so weird. The next 7-10 days shows nights in the 50s, so no frost there. Looks like I'll be planting out kinda early this year. And hopefully I might be adding a white butterfly bush and a Santana? Please, please, please? :-D

  4. You don't need intervention, you are just in Heaven with a lot of work ahead of you. This is our year for many bumble bees. I know you like to have good reports about their state of being.

  5. Larry - thanks. I like to hear good news like that. I have many bumbles this spring and other solitary bees too. Have not seen any honeybees, yet, but there is not much forage for them right now. I'm also blessed with a LOT of butterflies! They are just everywhere. :-D


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