Thursday, July 1, 2010

Enjoying the cool

It's COOOOOOL outside.

The front that moved through Monday brought not only the rain mentioned in the last post, but cool cool temps. Yesterday morning it was 49! This morning it is 48! Yesterday it only got up to 69, with a cool North breeze all day. Humidity down to 37%. The opal basil has perked up. All the plants have perked up.

I've perked up!

While in this perky mood, I'm trying to get a lot done before the 80s hit us again this weekend then 90s next week with no rain in sight at all - just bright beating sun. *whine*

To see what I've been up to on these beautiful brisk days, check out the my other blog pages listed on the top of the sidebar.

Today I'm off to Stan Hywett and the farmers' market up in Akron. Today it will only get into the low 70s so a perfect day to tour the mansion grounds and pick up some fresh veggies.



  1. Kris, that opal basil is the most beautiful color I have seen! It must be responding to the cool and the rain.

    We are having cool, but no rain.

    Farmer's market sounds good...if they would have ripe tomatoes!

  2. Temp finally dropped here today as well. Thank goodness. I was about to pack up and move back to Canada lol. It was still 70 degrees this morning, but that was a lot better than waking up to 80 degrees, like I've been used to. Felt downright brisk, it did.

  3. Glenda - market was a bust, nothing but overpriced trucked-in vegetables. They didn't even try to pretty it up, but left the shipping bags laying around. *sigh*

    Kyna - better put on a sweater, girl! ;-D


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