Monday, August 23, 2010

Along came a spider....

I found this in the crab bed this morning.

It wasn't there yesterday. It's a conical hole about 5 inches deep and a little wider than that. You can see a pile of excavated soil to the right of the hole.

What really caught my eye was that it was lined with spider web. Not across the top, but lining the inside of the cone.

The web indicates a spider. I have no truck with spiders, they are good hunters. But I'm sorta apprehensive about a spider that can move that much soil over one night! I've never seen the like before. Is it some kind of trapdoor spider? Do we have trapdoor spiders in Ohio?

If anyone can give me any info here, I sure would appreciate it!

Meanwhile, I'll keep a close eye on this little development....

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  1. Kris, I might be filling that hole in asap! Of course, it would be interesting to know what it is......

    This is about the time of year that we start seeing spiders come in the house. We moved most furniture and did some spraying over the weekend. I hope that keeps it down some.

  2. Eek! I hate spiders! I let them be as long as they stay outside though...they are too beneficial for the garden for me to harbor too much malice toward them. The spiders are so crazy this year that I carry a bamboo stake with me everywhere to knock down webs before I walk into them...ugh.


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