Saturday, August 28, 2010

Strange but true

When you spend as many hours as I do outside (doing or just watching) you see things that amaze and astound. I've seen things this summer that have had me exclaim out loud: You gotta be kidding me!!

I've watched pint-sized hummingbirds harass innocent sparrows and robins, diving, chasing and otherwise being naughty little bullies.

And just this morning while watching the birds and squirrels feast on the stale bread I put out, I couldn't believe my eyes. A little bunny (awwww, so cute) joined them and chowed down with the rest of them. A rabbit eating bread??

There have been other events, but this one takes the cake. Yesterday morning I watered my geraniums. They were all there. Later, one of them wasn't. It hadn't been dug up by a squirrel because the plant was gone. I looked everywhere. Who took my flower???

This morning I was looking out toward the arbor garden and was delighted to see that the white hibiscus was still blooming and now was popping up through the top of the arbor. But wait. Way on the other side? Hmmm.

I investigated and found this.

Now this might have creeped me out -- bigtime. But in retrospect I not only know when it happened, but was pretty sure who the culprit was.

I had been upstairs in the afternoon with the windows open working on my other computer. At one point I looked out and saw the resident female red-tailed hawk dining on something on the arbor. Good hunting, I thought and went back to the screen.

I guess she must have swooped down on something that was right on or near the geranium, then main course and salad went sailing off with her.

Now only the salad was left. So I got it down and put it back where it was.

No harm done, I guess. But it's just lucky I'd seen the hawk yesterday else finding that plant up there would really have given me shivers for a while.

I wonder what I'll see tomorrow?

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  1. OMG...that is the funniest thing! I've been amazed at our hummingbirds doing the same thing...about the only birds they don't seem to harass are the crows.

  2. Hehe, main course and salad gave me a chuckle! Glad that mystery was solved. All kinds of things happen in my garden that I have no explanation for, I just have to guess.

  3. Glad you solved that mystery! Things like that make me crazy.

    Another little bird that is a thug is a house wren. I don't think I will leave the nest box up on the porch next year.

  4. Amazing stories, Kris. I bet I'd love to see the rabbit/bunny among the birds. So cute!

  5. Hi Kris, You do have strange interesting stories over here. Fortunately you managed to save your salad. :)

  6. Hi One -- I just report what I see. The strange stuff just happens on its own. LOL

  7. Michelle - yeah, I gotta laugh - or I'd go crazy! ;-D


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