Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bright brittle cold

It's almost too bright outside to see.  I have to peer through half-closed eyelids to prevent snow blindness.  At least when I squint I can almost not see the dark bones of ice-ravaged trees that litter the landscape after the storm.  So, instead of dead stuff, here's a pic of something bright and green and growing.

I turn my gaze away from the false and frigid sunshine (down to 0 tonight and for the next couple of days), prepare a newly-discovered ooey-gooey comfort sandwich (grilled PBJ), and retreat to the green glow of the basement where a lot besides lettuce is lush.  

Come downstairs and visit the (shhhhhh) secret basement plant lab!

Igor and I have been very very busy, haven't we, Igor?  *munch*

* * *
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  1. Grilled pbj....who woulda thunk???

    Do you just make a regular sandwich and then use a grill with the top to squish it?

    That is the most beautiful green. It sure beats anything here today.

    I envy you and Igor the lab.

  2. Glenda - I use chunky peanut butter and blackberry jam. Leave a 1/4" margin to the edge of the bread else it oozes out. Then I spray the outside of the bread lightly with oil spray. About 1 minute in the Foreman grill, flip and rotate (for cross pattern), then another minute. Hot, gooey inside with a chewy outside. Eat your heart out, poptarts!

  3. I have never tried a grilled PBJ. It sounds and looks yummy. Brrr! is right.Stay warm and play with the plants in the basement.

  4. HHG - I'd never heard of it before, either. LOL I just sort of invented it. Maybe I should get a patent? ;-D They're wicked good!

  5. Dang, that looks good. I"m going to go make me one before bed time.

  6. Hi Rick. Be careful, man. They're addictive... ;-D

  7. Happy to see someone else loves grilled PBJ sandwiches! Wish I was going home at lunchtime, I'd grill one up.


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