Monday, February 14, 2011

Green stuff in the snow??

Something extraordinary!  Yesterday the temps soared to 40 and mild winds blew all day and the world began to change.

Today I see green plants.  And brown leaf mulch.  And blacktop!

I see pine needles and tarps and shrubs and way back in the golf course - grass!!

Is it the end of the world?  I thought we had until Winter solstice, 2012?  Have they moved up the apocalypse?  Why don't I get all my memos!!

Where is all the snow and ice going?  Wait here. I'm going to see what I can find on the internet...

(*musical interlude*)

Well, here's the skinny.  It's called MELT and is, apparently, a normal and natural phenomenon.  Nothing to get excited about.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?  Not get excited?   It's grim and gloomy and everything is turning to mud!  *whine* Where is the bright snow?  The shining ice?  The clear blue skies?  It took me almost 3 months to acclimate to Winter.  Trust me,  I'm acclimated!  Big time.  So do not, I repeat, DO NOT expect me to let go so easily.

Nope! You'll have to pry a fixed and frozen mindset from my cold, mittened fingers!  Right now I'm going to make a steaming mug of cocoa and go sit with my snow shovel.  I'll tell it not to worry, that this "melt" thingy is just a fad and won't last.  We'll be out on the deck dancing again real soon.  You wait.  You'll see....

* * *
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  1. We too have experienced this odd phenomenon you call MELT. And I am so excited by it that I may go out in the yard and make mud angels.

  2. You may have to write an ode to mud!

    We are seeing lots of melt too, but overnight the top of the snow refreezes to the slickest glaze. I crept out to the barn for milk but rode behind DH on the ATV back to the house.

  3. We don't have green but we are starting to see our sidewalks again. Maybe by tomorrow I can find some green.

  4. Time to change the header. Maybe.

  5. Oh, my DEAR! Embrace the mud! Heh.

    We're about half way thawed, and I'm beginning to be able to get out and around. Sunday afternoon we drove into town! I'm seeing some green as well, but I'm concerned about losing some things because of that incredible cold we had. I sure hope that snow served as insulation and that the ground temps were a lot higher than the air temps were.

  6. So funny! Mud is everywhere just now. Hope you get used to seeing bare earth.


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