Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter storm - first wave through

Ice Glazed Japanese Maple
The first wave of the "Winter Wallop" (don't you just love the names they give land-based storms?) slid through last night.  It was predicted we would get 1-3 inches of snow overnight, then 1-3 inches more during the day.

But I was woken in the middle of the night by what sounded like gravel hitting the windows.  What we got was sleet and freezing rain.  In fact this morning they've pretty much recanted about our county getting snow out of this, only ice and sleet and rain.  Honestly, I'd rather have 8" of snow than this dangerous ice!

Iced Arbor

Everything is glazed with over at least a 1/4" right now.  Surface areas, though, have about an inch of bubbly, grainy crust which, I found out while refilling the bird feeder, is not too difficult to walk on since it's so textured.  

Iced crabapple trees
While I don't deny the crystal beauty of the ice, I sure wouldn't want to drive on it though.  I feel bad for those that have to go to work this morning.  The freezing rain is still coming down and there's so much more storm to come. 

To all those out there being affected by this storm, please, take precautions.  Be safe. 

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  1. Loved your picture of the ice arbor! Ice can sure be pretty, but oh, so destructive. One never knows whether to leave it alone, for it's insulation, or to go out there and knock it off with a broom or something, to keep it from breaking things.

    Stay safe!

  2. I don't think ice gives much insulation (unless it's on crops that aren't frost tolerant - like Strawberries). Snow, on the other hand, actually has an R value! I lose a lot of branches when there is heavy ice on the trees.... :-( But *DANG*, it sure is beautiful! But a little goes a long way....

  3. Wow...I have to agree...it can be beautiful to look at, but terrifying if you have to travel in it...eek, be careful!

  4. Oh wow! You got hit a lot harder with the ice than we did down here in the south central area. Hang in there because there is more to come. I hope all of that ice does not take your electricity off.It looks pretty in pictures but is impossible to get around in.

  5. Beautiful, but I'm sure it is not fun to be in. Stay warm!

  6. I agree. While it's nice to look at from the comfort of my warm home, you cannot pay me enough to drive in it!

  7. The sleet quit for a while, but now there's an odd mist. You can't actually see anything coming down, but the ice is thicker and slicker every time I pop my head outside. They predict more for tonight, more sleet and rain. Ickk! :-( Hope everyone is safe and snug.

  8. It's beautiful but we down here in the Ozarks know how deadly that ice can be!

    Stay inside and safe. I hope you have a pair of Yak-Trax!


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