Saturday, March 19, 2011

Easy mark

And that mark would be me!  I can be such a pushover when someone or something shows a kindness.  Like a bit of good weather.

First off - it's been a WHOLE WEEK since we've been buried in snow!! The mind reels.

Second off - today is our 3rd sunny day in a row and my whining ways have gone a 180.

Although Thursday was in the 50s, the wind was fierce and relentless so I went out only long enough to take out kitchen compost.  Friday though.  Oh Friday!  Lovely lovely Friday!  It got into the 60s and the winds died down to tolerable.  I felt like the energizer bunny!

I worked in the veg gardens.

I worked in the flower beds.

I even bought materials for some garden projects.

And...let's not forget the basement plants

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While trimming back spent stalks around the place, I came upon my new little bed next to the garage.  Now mind you, when I made this bed last fall and posted that I was going to grow annuals here this year, I remember how carefully, how thoroughly I dug up all bulbs that were there and moved them to another location.

So what are these??  Good grief!  LOL

Today is still sunny, but cold (low 40s) and windy again.  I think I'll stay inside.  It's probably best.  My muscles are reminding me that they've gotten a little soft over the long winter.  Maybe I'll just mosey back to the basement and sow something till another nice day rolls around.  At least my mood sure has improved! :-D

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  1. LOL, glad you had fun!

  2. Hooray for a snow free week for you! Everytime I think I've gotten all the bulbs out of an area, more show up later. But I don't mind surprises as long as they are happy ones. :o)

  3. So happy you have had a snow free week, woo hoo!~ We have been in the 90's here, we will have long summer in Texas. Happy I found your blog.

    Nancy's Notes

  4. Hope your spring weather stays.
    We don't feel ourselves getting unfit over the winter, but the first gardening days always reveal the truth.

  5. Kris, LOL, I've had that same experience with tulip bulbs that I thought I had dug up and removed. Somehow I never manage to get them all! -Jean

  6. Some of those little bulblets broke off! I think I would leave them and just plant around them.
    They are survivors and should be rewarded.

    I refused to work out yesterday in our winds. It was cold too and then we had a really strong thunder and lightening rainstorm.

    A day off now and then is good for the soul!

  7. Ilene - it was more THERAPY than anything! :-D

    Tammy - I know! These bulbs must be down further, WAY down... But I'll enjoy them nonetheless. :-D

    Nancy - 90s? 90s! In March? Oh you poor dear. I don't like those kinds of temps even in August! Hope your 4-season patio gives you a cool place to enjoy your gardens! Thanks for visiting. :-D

    Linda - and it seems that every year it takes just a little more time to get back into shape. Of course long long winters don't help! (Or all the necessary comfort food...! ;-) )

    Jean - you're right, I'd much rather be overrun with unexpected bulbs than weeds or JBs. LOL

    Glenda - strong cold winds still today so I doubt I'll play outside. A week of rain and/or snow ahead. Glad I got as much done as I did. Too much wind irritates me so I don't work in it if I can help it. Hope you got some soaking rain out of the storm.

  8. Happy Spring! It's not yet hit forty degrees today here in CT, but the sunshine is bee-yoo-tee-full!

  9. Lynne - enjoy the sunshine - it does give one a buzz, no? ;-D

  10. It's amazing what a little sunshine can do for the psyche.

  11. Donna - you bet! It's almost as good as ice cream. ;-D


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