Saturday, March 12, 2011

Now you see it...

Friday morning - 8" snowfall.

Now you don't.
Saturday afternoon.

There's something dreadfully wrong with the weather... drastic shifts like this are rather disconcerting to say the least and don't help my mood any.   I'm staying inside;  I don't trust Ma Nature anymore. She's got some serious issues this year and I'm not playing with her until she gets some therapy!

If you want me, I'll be in the basement.  Visit.  I'm doing most of my posting on the Propagation Page these days anyway.  
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  1. Hi Kris,
    Our weather has been like that, too. One day it will be in the upper 50s or lower 60s, then, the next day, the high will be in the 30s. It was in the 50s today, but the wind blew so hard, it felt colder than that.

    Hang in there, spring is right around the corner!

  2. Hi Sue. It's been just dreadful this year. Right now it's blowing hard - gusts up to 40. Thank goodness there's no heavy snow on the branches. I can't remember such a winter as this - it's really brought me down. Hope you enjoy those nice days when they swing your way. C'mon spring! :-D

  3. We've been getting lots of strange weather too. Really cold, then really warm! Let's go spring.

  4. Hi meems. Honestly, at this point I'll settle for, well, ANY settled weather. Hey Nature. Just PICK something, will ya? Hope your new trees do well for you. :-D

  5. I really hope this is not the start of a trend.

    I hate roller-coaster weather. 28 degrees below was absolutely the worst. Thankfully, I think most of my zone 6 plants made it through, and that's a true miracle.

  6. Ilene - glad your plants made it through. Me - I'm just hoping for the best. Looks like lots more rain coming in Tuesday. :-(


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