Saturday, April 9, 2011

The promised land(ing)

Is something amiss in the basement?  Where are all the greens I've been blogging about on the Plant Propagation page?  There's a lot of table space going begging down there!

I caught a glimpse of them hanging out in the sunroom of all places yesterday.

But when I looked there this morning they were gone, flit, nada.  Now where?

Oh, wow.  Look!

Greens and onions out on the deck.  At last.  The promised land!

Well OK then.  If that's how they want to play it.  Don't look for news about these babies on the propagation page anymore.  Nosirree.  They've just graduated to the Vegetables page for the season.  And about time too!  Woohoo.

(Honestly, I really really need a better camera! (One with IS/image stability.  We all know I'm not all that stable anymore! *sigh*) Sorry...  Click on pics to enlarge then magnify for better focus.)

* * *
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  1. Kris, this should be a lesson to people about how much they can grow in a limited area!

    My lettuces I put in the ground look very sorry; the near 90° days are not a good things for transplants. I may try to rig a shade over them this morning....the winds are not helping.

  2. Glenda - Spring greens thrive in cool temps (once they get started) so I imagine it would be a challenge for you to get good crops in your temps. I guess there is a bit of benefit of this dratted weather here. But it better warm up this year else the warm weather crops won't do well. Every year - another crap shoot. LOL

  3. I think I'm at the wrong blog... I don't see any snow! :o) Hooray for no snow and a table full of gorgeous seedlings!! Happy gardening!

  4. Tammy - ROFL!! Green is the new white.

    Those on the table aren't seedlings (well, the onions are), by the way, those are crops! I've been harvesting them for almost a month now in the basement. The seedlings are still downstairs. :-D


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