Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New and Improved Crab Bed

The crab bed didn't thrill me at all last year.  And less so this Spring.  About all that survived the long winter were the crabapple trees, the 2 Walker's Low catmint, 1 (of 4) English lavenders, 11 (of 11) Golden Jubilee hyssop and 8 (of 8) Apache sunset hyssop.  Add the new (still in a pot) Hakuro Nishiki willow and that was what I had to work with.

I hemmed and hawed for days, then one nice morning I had just HAD it -- and went to work.

I tossed all the dead: 12 Apricot Sprite hyssops, 3 lavenders and ALL of the mums (4? 6?).  I dug up the last lavender and put it in a large pot for the season and transplanted the 8 Apache Sunset hyssop to the arbor bed.

Then I REALLY got to work.  I had known for almost a year that I really wanted the catmints to go to the ENDs of the bed.  So I got the biggest rootballs I could physically wrestle and transplanted them to the ends.  They were a little shocky the rest of the day, but hey - their last name is MINT!  They could take a little shock.

That done, I went into creative overdrive.

I gathered up some of my new seedlings: "Pink Dreams" nepeta, Crazy Daisy shasta, Yvonne's salvia and nearly 20 of last year's 'rescue' geraniums. I grabbed 4 small clumps of Autumn Joy sedums from the front of the house.  Then, while I was in the arbor bed, I dug up all the (nearly-smothered by day lilies) dwarf bearded iris and invited them to the party.  And what's a party without some decorations?  I hunted through the shed and turned up a half a dozen nice-sized terra cotta pots going idle.

A couple of hours (and a LOT of iced tea) later, the new and improved crab bed was done.

I really like how this turned out.  It's got color and texture and focus (pretty much everything it lacked last year!) - even though nothing is actually blooming yet!  I'm really looking forward to watching the plants develop and color up over the summer.

I totally blame my new willow for this major overhaul.  It's the 'throw pillow' paradox, for sure.  You know - you buy a couple of new throw pillows to snaz up a dull room.  Instead of looking nice themselves, all they REALLY do is shine a spotlight on all the things that look ratty in that room! LOL

So there.  Now that willow has a nice place to hang out!  Ironically, I still have to PLANT the darn thing!  I know how I'll install it for elevation, but that's for another post.  ;-D


  1. Great idea on using the terra cotta pots for decorations! Nice, fresh new beds, turned out great!

  2. Your bed revamp turned out great! I, too, love what you did with the terra cotta pots, clustered together and half-buried like that. I just might steal that idea.

  3. Here you are revamping a bed...and I can't seem to even get mine weeded!

    I like the new design very much.
    It will be good to see it again in a couple of months of warm weather and sunshine.


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