Saturday, September 3, 2011

From out of the blue...

...a rain shower.  How bizarre.  The sky was cloudless except for one nearly transparant powdery puff, yet a light shower persisted for almost 5 minutes.  Very odd, indeed!

Not so odd, yet equally surprising is to see that the transplanted clematis (H.F.Young) has surpassed itself this year.  Usually I get a first flush of flowers early in spring, then a 2nd, smaller flush beginning of July.  This year the 2nd flush was easily as profuse as the first and now a THIRD flush promises to be a showstopper.  I guess at this point it would be safe to agree with Glenda - the transplant was a success.

As for other successes, click on the pic below and check out the big backyard roundup.


  1. Your yard and garden looks great. I have a clematis that has the disease where it blooms then it immediately dies back. I don't know if I dare move it to another location as I might make it worse. Your clematis looks beautiful.

  2. Your yard is lovely. I am glad you have better luck with Clematis than I have in my bug-ridden woodland yard. I love my garden, but living in the middle of the woods brings lots of bugs and some plants just can't take it.

  3. It is weird when it rains while the sun is out. It happens here once in awhile.

    Do you deadhead your clematises? I am very inconsistent with that. I did do the ones in the front when I noticed they had some buds. Maybe I should make a better effort to get that done.

  4. Hello Larry. :-) Thanks for the compliment. I can't imagine moving your clematis would solve its underlying disease. Hopefully it will overcome it.

    Nellie - I don't envy you growing 'in the woods'. Your recent garden 'tour' looks lovely!

    Sue - No, I've never deadheaded any of my clemetis. I like the twirly seed heads. :-D Sunshowers are like magic.

  5. I wish an out-of-the-blue shower would pop up here!

    The H.F. Young has just amazed me.
    All my clems got wilt very early secondary blooms on any of them.


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