Monday, September 12, 2011


With the odd retrograde weather that started with Irene and continued with Lee, the clouds don't know WHERE they are going.  These days rain falls without notice, even from a very sunny sky.

After the sunshower, this spider web is squeaky clean. 


  1. Oh, that spider web looks pretty cool reflecting the light!
    Don't you like rains, Kris? I do, very much though and I believe my plants do too :)

  2. Ha Xuan - yes, rain is a blessing and the plants love it. We were blessed pretty frequently this summer compared to the last 4. Fortunately, Ohio wasn't in bullseye for Irene or Lee. I feel so bad for all those folks dealing with floods along the east coast.

  3. Beautiful picture! Looks more like you're ready for Halloween with that...

    You're not kidding about the wonky weather. The clouds always seem to be going in the wrong direction these days. I'm used to looking out my window at work and seeing them go left-to-right, but I was weirded out more than once last week to see them going right-to-left. Same with at home while working in the yard (which is often interrupted with all the rain!).

    I've already decided it's time to start ripping out tomato plants - and we're not even halfway through September yet. The plants are shot, and the fruits are more rotting than ripening on the vine.

    I'm ready for 2012! 2011 was a flop.

  4. It is a beautiful shot of the spider web. Your tomatoes below look great too.

  5. Jeph - Sorry to hear 2011 was a flop for you. In spite of having any time to actually enjoy my gardens, everything excelled due to the adequate rain this summer. But I guess you got even more rain than here, so that would do you in. I figure I can still get some toms off my (yes, now skanky) tomato plants and pull them next week. Can't wait to see what 2012 holds for us (aside for that pesky apocalypse...;-D)

    L.D. Thanks for stopping by. :-D

  6. Kris, enjoy that lovely rain. Still dry here.

    Very nice picture of the wet web.


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