Sunday, October 30, 2011

The fat lady sings!

Well, after a couple of rehearsals (2 light frosts, 2 (barely) freezes), the fat lady finally let it all out last night.  It got down to 27 under clear skies.  This morning everything was frozen and covered in a hard frost.

The last clematis bloom stayed for the final curtain - what a trooper it was this year!  

This frost/freeze has now taken the stuffing out of the annuals, salvias, cannas, dahlias and anything else tender.  There are supposed to be a few bright days this week after a bout of rain on Monday, so between pulling up the plants, cleaning up the beds, and wrestling up the leaves for mulch, it looks to be another busy spell for me ahead.  *groan*


  1. I do believe the season is over for you!

    Have you got some special projects for this winter? I bet you do!

    I love the picture; I can just feel the clear, crisp morning.

  2. Oh no.... It sounds like snow posts are on the way!! It's a good thing you have your blog to remind you of what your garden looks like!


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