Thursday, January 5, 2012


2011 was a good year for advancement on the ongoing Privacy Project.  Not only was the cedar fence installed to block out the voyeuristic neighbor, but shrubs aplenty joined the fray.

From left-to-right and top-to-bottom:

3 azaleas installed beneath the north-most gum tree
2 azaleas 'healed in' in one of the compost beds for overwintering
2 spirea installed between the 3 pine trees planted in Spring 2010
8 Canadian hemlock planted under the sassafras trees along south prop line

6 Runyan yews planted Spring 2010 (north prop line)
20 Runyan yews planted Spring 2010 (east prop line)
1 rhody in front of house to replace one that died
4 rhodies planted under 2 ash trees in front yard

6 burning bush joins original BB rescued from Mom - SW corner at road (2 pics)
1 Nanko cherry behind burning bushes
1 Nashiki willow in front of garage window

6 Canadian hemlock planted between shrub islands along north prop line/driveway (4 pics)
2 Nashiki willows in 1 new shrub island

Not pictured are 7 pine trees planted Spring 2010 along the southwest corner back by the golf course along with 4 new spirea back there.

With all the rain we got last season, it was an excellent time to plant all the shrubs.  Once installed and with only 1 follow-up watering, they all did well on their own. 

Last season the golf course ran chain saws and chippers ALL SUMMER.  They LIMBED UP every evergreen they had so they could mow under them.  They also limbed up (or removed) all their deciduous trees to 'cut down on leaf removal in Fall'.   What has emerged is line-of-sight into 3 new neighborhoods and street traffic over a quarter a mile across the links.  What used to be a quiet, secluded setting here is turning into a parking lot.

And you may also remember that the power company came through the area 2 years ago and hacked out lots of evergreens and maples.  Not one of the property owners have planted as much as a stick!  So call me crazy, I'm just going to ring my place with trees, shrubs and evergreens.  It may take a long time to fill in, but if I'm lucky, I'll still be here in 30-40 years to enjoy the oasis I'm shooting for.

Though my selections are based solely on what is available at Lowe's & Home Depot, they have the best return policy around and near the end of the season excellent dickering/deals are to be found.  And it seems every year something new shows up.  2 years ago it was the Runyan (to 8-10') yews.  This year decent sized hemlocks were to be had.   I could still kick myself for waiting too long to scoop up 2 Sargent crabapples this Fall, so I'll have to be more observant next year.

Bottom line, let 'em call me the crazy lady who's always planting stuff.  When they look around and can see (and be seen) for half-a-mile away, the one thing they won't be able to see is - me! :-D


  1. I think you are very smart to keep will be amazed by how much growth you get with fertilizer and water. My neighbor lady did that when she was in her 70's and she surely got to enjoy them for a long time.

    You got a lot accomplished this past year!

    1. Glenda - Thanks. The rain really helped. The hemlocks were a real find.

  2. Truly a woman after my own heart. We need "Project Privacy" here too. When we came the house was ringed by an impenetrable screen of 40 foot tall overgrown Leylandii. They all had to come out and for the last three years I have felt like I am living in a goldfish bowl.

    I too need to plant lots of evergreens. They call me crazy lady here also {grin}.

    I can't imagine how sad it must make you to see the golf course do such stupid things, and as for utility companies ... they don't care this side of the pond either.

    1. I can only imagine the exposure you felt when all those trees came down. What a change for the property. The amount of work you've done to your gardens since then is nothing short of STAGGERING. You fair wear me out just reading about your efforts. Your post inspire me.

  3. PS: we have a 'voyeuristic' neighbour too. Hence the big trellis fence in the cottage garden . . .

    1. Seems there's always someone to spoil a neighborhood, isn't there? Wish they would all go live somewhere else and just watch each other. ;-)


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