Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All decked out

I love sitting on the deck this time of year.  It's like lounging around in a nice nursery and knowing that it's mine - all mine.  LOL

Click on the deck pic to read the last entry this year on the the Propagation page.

In other news - the bench I told you about on the Garden Projects page found a home in the bee ring bed.  It's nice and shady over there in the morning and I enjoy looking at it from the deck while I sip my coffee.  (Sorry for the furry pic - I was shooting into the sun.)

Some day I may even go over and sit.  But for now, the birds and squirrels are sure getting use out of it.  Click the pic if you missed the story.


P.S. Hello again, Edinburgh.  Hope you'll leave a comment on a current post.  Be friendly.  Say "Hi".  :-D Enjoy


  1. Oh that deck does look nice. So neat and tidy :} Guess your shade netting is still working well?

    1. The sheers are doing a great job mitigating the bright sun and cooling the deck a bit so the plants don't pant for water too often. As for frost control - nah. No way to truly seal up the area - but it does look nice. :-D

  2. Hello Kris...Really love what I see in your garden these days! Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  3. Hello, Hà Xuân, so glad you stopped by. :-D Thanks for the compliment. It's been so warm so early this year that already the beds are showing off. Now I need to get some of these on the deck into the ground. I hope your gardens and plants and thriving too!


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