Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blessed RELIEF

Albeit only temporary.

Yesterday it only got to 71.  Today it is (right now) 72 on my deck.   The wind is straight from the north (thanks, Canada!)  - a brisk wind at a consistent 15-20 mph.  And no humidity to speak of (only 33%).

Any curtains, blinds or shades have been pushed aside and the windows thrown wide.

It's not just that the house is cool, but there is a decided WIND blowing through the rooms and it feels WONDERFUL.

Yesterday I used the cool weather to give the 'fridge a serious cleanout.  Then, because I didn't have to worry about heat build up, I baked a lovely Irish soda bread.  I also mixed up a batch of ciabatta bread batter and set it aside to rise for the required 18 hours.

Today I spent the morning trouble-shooting some household stuff at Mom's.  But after that I've been playing on the deck, potting up lots of geraniums.  That done, I baked the ciabatta loafs.  They turned out perfect!

Not to stop the train, I also boiled up a pound of tri-color rotini for a future pasta salad and have put 1.5 pounds of dry garbanzos to soak so I can simmer them early evening.  I'm looking forward to chick pea salad and some home-made humus.

As a finale, I'll drag out the propane grill, fire it up and char  a 6-pound bag of chicken breasts  for future sandwiches, salads, and wraps.  

Pasta, beans, bread, chicken - lots of food.  But no prob - the 'fridge is nearly empty since the clean up.  Plenty of room for some fresh fixin's.

Tomorrow returns to our regularly scheduled heat wave, with high 80s, then 90s for the weekend.  *pant*  That's why I'm cooking up a storm now because I just REFUSE to heat up the kitchen when outside temps are too much like oven temps.

Meanwhile, I'm putting the range through its paces while the cool temps and spanking breeze persists.  Hmmm, wonder if I should throw a couple of veg quiches together.  Oh yeah, look.  I found the eggs....



  1. You are so ambitious! All that food sounds so good.
    We got some relief from the heat last Friday night...so nice to open up and sleep with the windows open. Some of the overnight temps have been in the low teens, but tonight the tide is turning and the heat is starting to blow in with the winds that have been blowing the last few days. (humides starts again tomorrow) It has been quite windy, but so nice and comfortable for working outside. I have accomplished so much.
    BTW, you are welcome for the wind from Canada. lol :-)

    1. Lois - thanks for the cool air! :-D

      The cooking wasn't so much ambitious, it's more self-preservation. When it's hot, I don't like to cook, hence, I eat more quick and unwholesome food.

      Glad to hear you have put good weather to use, too. When you say teens at night, are you talking Celsius? I sure hope not Fahrenheit. Otherwise - Brrrrr.

    2. Most definitely celsius. If it had been Fahrenheit, I would have been MOST unhappy! :-) I am still looking forward to my tomatoes, peppers and beans to be ready. All I have been able to enjoy this year so far are radishes, spinach, beet tops and green onions....I am craving more from my garden before those kind of temps. L.

  2. What is all this domesticated carry-on?

    Sounds like you had a lovely, productive day and the bread sounds lovely. Now, if you could cut me a bit chunk of ciabetta to go with my brie, olives and tomato I will be a happy little gardener :} Of course, such a Mediterranean style lunch doesn't really suit the weather we're having - wood-burner on again after supper last night :{

    1. Ooooh. Brie! YUM. Later today I'm making humus and will acquaint it to some toasted ciabatta and some good moz. I read on Frugal Queen that she, too, is having the stove lit at night. In fact, so many of the UK blogs show most of you are not happy campers due to dreary/wet weather over there. Condolences all around. Cheer up. The 2 lined ponds must be doing well...

    2. I'd take 74 degrees - right now the wood-burner is on again and I am getting fed up with the wind. We've had 5½" of rain this month and that is really a bit much for summer :{

    3. Oh you poor dear. You're having the summer we 'enjoyed' last year -- too much rain. At least we had heat then. The wind is persistent and frustrating here, gaining strength every year. I can no longer grow the tall castor bean plants as they are nothing but big sails and are easily snapped.

      Hang tough. Summer will find you eventually. (Fingers X'd)


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