Saturday, September 15, 2012

eBay burn

eBay picture
I found 3 metal lawn chairs on eBay.  I'd always wanted something like this for the gardens.

They were $99 and 20 miles away.  I just had to have them.  (The heart wants what the heart wants.)

I emailed the seller and asked for a better picture of the 'hidden' chair.  He didn't provide one, only saying they were all in the same condition.

He had a 100% rating.  I took a chance, paid for them, then arranged with a friend w/truck to pick them up.

It was getting dark, so we loaded up and came home.

Don't they just look lovely against the zinnias?  The lavender will really pop in the gardens next year.

Then, this morning - in the daylight .... 
....I flipped them over.

The 'hidden' chair is damaged - right on the bend of one of the runners.  Son of a .....!

Really, it's no use going through any eBay arbitration.

Even though I suppose I could have refused the purchase when I picked them up and contacted eBay,  I'm just too tired anymore and have to pick my battles.

Obviously, the seller deliberately deceived me.   Buyer beware.  *sigh*

I'll see if I can strengthen this runner, somehow.  If not, this chair will (most likely) become a planter.

As for the 'heart wants what the heart wants' - I'm really gonna have to slap that thing.  Stupid heart.

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  1. So sorry, but been there, done that.

    You might go to an automotive body shop and find out if they have a filler that would prevent further rust and strengthen the chair.

    Otherwise.... Put it in the center and put a pot of something really pretty in the seat.


    1. Thanks for the tip, Ilene. :-D

  2. I have never done the ebay thing or even an auction locally. They scare me.........I bet Ilene is right and you can find some way to repair that runner. I do like the color!

    1. Glenda - it WAS the color that stole my heart... *sigh*

  3. Yuk, sorry the guy you bought them from was such a jerk. Guess you could leave 'appropriate' feedback but as he has already proved himself to be an *** then he will retaliate and try to damage ~your~ eBay feedback. It's easy to be wise afer he event and say if he wouldn't provide another photo then ask yourself why but even so, seems like a reasonable bargain.

    Could you pour some sort of automotive repair/filler into the damaged section to stop the rust and strengthen the tube?

    1. Oops, should have paid more attention to Ilene's comment .....

    2. You're right about the eBay 'comments' dilemma. If you knock a vendor, they turn around and poison the shopper. It's has nothing to do with any sort of 'truth'.


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