Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sunny September

After 2 rainy (blessed!) days this week, everything in the gardens perked up considerably.

Yesterday I started moving perennials from the deck/bench out into the gardens.  I find that the lighter-colored mums are easier to see from distance, so will keep the darker ones toward the house.

It seems that this year Ohio mum growers have had a bumper crop and the selection and lower prices are reflected at the store.  I'm stocking up - gorgeous 8" mums for half the usual price.  While I don't have the exact space (yet) for all that I want, I'm going to overwinter a handful back in one of the new raised beds.

I've never paid much attention to late-blooming perennials before.  Sure, I've always had a couple of mums.  But this year the established mums are just outstanding and are overtaking the bird bath.

I've had time to reconsider my Fall bloomers: mums, sedum, montauk daisy, asters.  Usually I cut down all the weedy perennials after frost.  This year, however, I decided to cut some down in mid-September.  Not so much to get a start on shutting down the gardens, but to allow these Fall bloomers to better display instead of screening them with other faded perennials.

Honestly, I don't remember a September with this much color.  Battling drought and deer, while crazy annoying, did let me come away with some valuable garden insights (deer don't eat mums and they are very drought tolerant) to file away for future use.

Nice weather for the next few days.  I'll be planting shrubs and perennials and thinning out the jungle on the deck.

How's your Fall gardening going?


  1. It's really nice to have SOME things to appreciate after a bad year, isn't it? I've never been able to keep mums alive, even back when growing conditions were a lot better. Your yard and gardens are really looking pretty.

    1. Mums have always been iffy here - they are chancy due to cold winters. But when they do well, they really do well! I'm enjoying the color. Thanks - you've done wonders with your gardens too. All the mix is there - now Nature just has to ADD WATER! Fingers crossed for you.

  2. So far, so good. :o) Solidago, asters, ornamental oregano, sedum, and perennial mums are providing a nice pop of color. Even the lantana is still putting on a show. Blue mist flower and chelone are blooming, too. Have you ever planted 'Blue Ice' amsonia? I've heard deer hate it. It takes dry partial shade. Super tough plant. Your garden looks great, btw. :o)

    1. I've SEEN amsonia and had been promised a division, but didn't get it. Not found it at the Lowes or HD. I went on a shopping spree yesterday - Lowes & HD perennials @ $3.00. Found some new mums have been eaten by deer. *wah*

      Your beds and flower pics are lovely - so much color - your combos work great!


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