Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weather? Achingly beautiful. Back? Just plain aching.

The day started with a sudden 15-minute downpour.  By 11:00, the sun was out.  Due to the 4 nights of 20s weather in the beginning of October, all of the trees are dropping their leaves as the same time.  No one is taking TURNS this year.  *whine*

Ironic that, after all that freezing, today thru Friday will enjoy temps well into the 70s!!  Then - the bottom falls out and I mean fall.  If only I can get at least the leaves done before the cold, wind and rains come.

So today I raked and raked and raked.  Then I wacked and wacked and wacked.  Then I dragged the shreds and started mulching the ring bed.

It took me until nearly 5:00 pm to make all the piles and then shred up just the 6 HUGE piles on the driveway.  (The pictures don't do justice to just how big and solid those piles were.)

 I'm getting too old for this.

Thankfully, the  Brits have a nice tonic for the end of a day like this - lovely lovely cider.

I 'discovered' cider this September and am a total convert.  So much so, you might want to check out what's going on in the basement this month! (Click each step.)

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Meanwhile, until that little experiment pans out, I'll just have to rely on the Brits.  *sip*  Ah! That's the stuff.

God save the Queen!  :-D


  1. Can't you just mow the leaves? A mower with a bagger would make the job so much easier. Then you could just dump the chopped up leaves where you want them. I used that method when I lived near the Canadian border in NY and had 100 year old maples in my yard. The cider sounds tasty! I could go for a bottle right now. :o)

    1. The mower does have a bagger. But the mower is small. So is the bag. One swipe and the bag is full. Then there is wrestling THAT on and off the mower. Truly - it is way more painful to use it than raking/mowing the leaves into piles, then dragging them to other locations.

      I'm hoping my basement experiment ends up tasty.

  2. LOL, what a mess! But, what's that they say??? You gotta break some eggs to make an omelet.

  3. I don't do leaves.....period. I mow in swaths getting progressively closer to the beds on the ejection side. What is left just biodegrades.

    1. There are no trees/leaves in the back of the property -- but that's where the beds are, so I have to harvest from the front and side and take them to the back.


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