Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Giving up, giving in

Ravaged crabapple
Hoop nets - trampled and torn & eaten mums
Savaged pines & crabapple

That's it.

I'm done.

The government obviously prefers wild, uncontrolled deer vs property values.

The veg fences and a lot of the poles have been trampled down.

The trees are shredded and broken.

Mums right on the deck are eaten bare (though totally soaked with hot pepper spray).

I'm one older person with limited means and resources.

The idea of a sanctuary had always been a dream and I've worked hard on it for almost 6 years.

Now, with an increasing, uncontrolled deer population, it's become a nightmare.

This is the last time I'm walking the beds this season. 

I'll mow the lawns, mulch the leaves and try not to see the increasing carnage.

My heart is broken and, probably, at this moment, won't even try to continue with plantings.  Why?  I'm angry.  I'm old.  I'm tired.  And I can't afford to. That's why.

Fracking deer.


  1. Oh Kris, I'm so sorry. Deer have to be just about the most maddening and persistant pest there is. I hope you don't give up on gardening....but I certainly understand your frustration (anger....rage....I think we've all been there)

    1. Thank you, Sue. Yes - rage, frustration, despair. Large antlered RATS. And there is nothing I can afford to do. I am totally appreciating any sympathy at this point. And an automatic weapon.

  2. Oh, Kris.....

    Bless your heart.

    I wish there was something I could do or say to make it better.


    1. The hug sure helped! Thanks, Ilene. I'm just tired of it all. I fight, but I only lose. *sigh* I gonna retreat and reconsider the whole darn thing. Hugs back.

  3. Kris, I am heartsick for you! Have you thought about getting a good dog? I keep thinking maybe that is why the deer haven't ever bothered us out here. We wonder now that he is gone if the wild life won't start coming around the yard. I an thinking that open area of the golf course draws them in.

    I know people in southeast Springfield out where there is a wild life area, say they can't have anything in their yards because of the deer.

    I would be throwing in the towel too.

    1. Thanks for the sympathy, Glenda. I really appreciate it knowing that I have friends to share such disasters with.

      Last night a truck ran into a buck. Both driver and deer are dead. Like all those wild hogs that are devastating southern states, northern states deal with deer. Except government DOESN"T deal with them - they have carte blanche.

      All my neighbors have dogs (labs, huskies, shepherds). They have deer too....

  4. Get a shotgun and a hunting license. Does your state allow you to shoot them on your property? I'm sick of deer. Bambi can kiss my ass ! We have tons of them here and their only predator is a speeding minivan. The only reason I'm not fighting them off is because I live in a congested suburb.

    1. I'd shoot them in a minute if I could.


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