Monday, November 26, 2012

Which of these is different?

(Dang, one of the pics is a dupe. Sorry.)

My house is atop a rise and I can see a loooong way around.  As far as the eye can see there are either evergreen trees or bare branches.

So just WHAT THE HECK is going on with my sweet gum trees?  All the other sweet gums on the street have lost there leaves for 2-3 weeks.  Sandy didn't take mine.  The front last week didn't take them.  Night after night in the 20s is not taking them.

Pretty?  For sure.  But while everyone else is tucked inside, I'm still waiting to clean up this years leaves!  I'd just like to know WHY???    clues?

Meanwhile, the last of the turkey day leftovers have been transformed.  Click [HERE] for details.


  1. Maybe they like to put on a show when there's no competition?
    Maybe the wind will blow the leaves away after they fall and you won't have to rake. Magic leaves. Wouldn't that be nice!

  2. We used to have a sweet gum tree at The Osage House, but I don't remember if its leaves fell late or not.

    You'll still have pretty days during which you can get those leaves up. If not, like Sue says, they'll blow away. You'll be getting other people's leaves all over your yard throughout the winter anyway so maybe this is your contribution to THEIR yards. Botta bing. Hugs

  3. You should see what I do with my leaves.......nada! My west yard is covered. I love it that way.

    I think all my trees have lost their leaves except the oaks of course. I don't have any sweet gum trees. So I can offer no advice.

  4. I'm wondering why my apple tree still has all it's leaves, dry brown and ugly. And like you I'm waiting to get out there and do one last raking, but not until those leaves drop. At least your trees have pretty color still.

    1. Hello, Catherine. :-D Yes, the colors are as bright as when they originally changed. I'm going out this weekend (mild weather predicted) and will clean up whatever is down. After that - the equip is being retired for the season. The trees are on their own.


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