Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I'll just leaf them alone

Finally, one of the sweet gum trees let go its leaves.  The other is trying hard to hold fast.  The mower/bagger is retired for the season so these leaves will have to fend for themselves this winter.  Not much actually under the trees; a sustained stiff wind from the south has blown a ton of them into the neighbor's lawn.

Que sera sera.

The wind has also blown down a lot of branches (I picked up a 4x4 foot pile) - part and parcel of having large mature trees. 

A couple of dead ash branches were festooned with stunning lichen.


  1. All my leaves are handled in that manner........

  2. I clean up the big piles, but the holdouts get to fly with the wind.

  3. Beautiful lichen. I always pile up branches like that to make mini woodpiles. Am convinced the (relatively) little slug damage we had this year is because I've created a good place for birds and frogs/toads to hang out.


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