Friday, December 14, 2012


I'd been reminded several times on the news that the geminids meteor shower was going to peak last night (Dec 13-14).  Usually this time of year there is snow on the ground and clouds in the sky.  But not this time.  For the past 2 days a high pressure system has swept the skies to crystal clear (and COLD!).

While I knew the peak hours were supposed to be between midnight and 4 a.m., the eastern sky was totally dark by 6:30 p.m. so I headed to the unheated upstairs bedroom and looked out the east-facing windows.  Yep.  Castor and Pollax (the twins) were just visible through bare tree branches.  (I shivered.  The room was only 48F and much colder by the window.) The meteors should radiate from that point in the sky.  Maybe I could come back later, before bed, and check things out.  Yep.  Later.  (Brrr. I could practically see my breath, it was so cold.)   Just as I was turning away from the window a whopper of a shooting star streaked across the sky.  WOW!

Nest - morning after
The heck with that *later* thing.  Next thing I knew I'd layered on a couple of sweaters and a new knit cap, gathered up a pile of pillows and quits, and buried myself in warm nest right under that cold bedroom window and settled back for the show.

I watched for over an hour, got terribly stiff, went back downstairs for hot tea and a stretch, then came back.  While they'd forecasted a peak show after midnight, I enjoyed quite a few (How many?  I didn't count or take pics - I was there just to enjoy.) very showy meteors.  Far more than I've ever seen at one sitting in my day.

Near midnight the show slowed down.  So much so that I couldn't keep awake, so, I headed downstairs and went to bed.   I don't know if the 'peak' show was up to predictions or not.

2012 Geminids meteor shower - pic from the web
This morning, around six, I was on the laptop when I thought -- still dark.  Hmmm.  I turned off the front outside light, went out on the front stoop (which faced west).  Yep.  Even with all the tree branches, I could see Castor and Pollox in the sky.  And, there!  Right where I was looking.  A bright blaze behind the hickory. What a great way to start your day! :-D

There will still be some shooting stars to see tonight as the earth moves past the debris field, so if you didn't see any last night, you might get lucky this evening.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


  1. I could never make it up that late! Now if we could get a show around 3 AM, I would be ready.

    Glad you got to see some of it.

    1. Glenda, the display went until dawn. Apparently the meteors were really great at 3 a.m. There might still be some out the to see at that time early Saturday. Maybe you could look out then.

  2. Hi Kris - Just checking in and wanted to say "hi". Merry Solstice!

    1. Hello, Lynne! :-D Sorry I missed your comment earlier. Merry Solstice and Happy 14th b'ak'tun.

  3. Lucky you, it seems whenever we have an 'event' like this there is 100% cloud cover!


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