Monday, January 28, 2013

Luna - cy

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday.  I did a bit of housecleaning, ran an errand for Mom, and did some more baking (Click pic for details). 

Then, after dark, Luna (storm name dropper that I am) blew through leaving a lumpy glaze of crunchy ice over everything.  It's very treacherous out there so be careful driving on roads that aren't salted!

Good thing I don't really have to go anywhere today.  Hopefully the temps will rise as predicted (up to 40s) and the sporadic rains will melt the ice on the roads.  As for the sitting snow under the ice, I'm sure it will take the most of the 3-day warm spell to also melt away (good grief  57F Tue & 58F Wed then plummet back to 20F on Fri - I'm really not enjoying climate change.).  

This week looks to be busy what with needing some professional help with lots of household projects: replace innards of the main floor toilet, figure out why the water softener is leaving salt spots in all the sinks, clean/inspect furnace, and the chain on the garage door opener suddenly has a lot of slack which interferes with operation so now that'll have to be fixed to!  Jeeze, everything seems to happen at once.  Good thing I keep a repair fund for things I can't do myself.  Thankfully I've seldom had to use it for a good long time so it's really topped up.

Meanwhile, down in the basement, the window boxes of greens are coming right along under the lights.

Arugula, Swiss chard & Tuscan kale
(The later sowing of arugula on the right/front for some reason isn't germinating as well as those on the left.  Guess I'll have to oversow the last of the seed and buy a fresh pack.)


  1. We don't get storms that are so big they deserve names and I'm truly glad about that! Sorry you've had an ice dump, I think they are the nastiest.

    Why *IS* it everything goes wrong at once? It's not just you, happens here too.

    1. Yep, I hear ya. And just noticed the past couple of days that I can smell 'chimney' in the living room. Usually an indication that the damper isn't completely closed. But it is. The damper itself, however, as lost it mortar all along the front, so chimney air is flowing down through THAT. Why oh why do I bother to get this thing checked by a 'pro' every year? You'd think he'd've notice THAT.

  2. Very smart of you to keep a repair always happens that way. Trouble comes in bunches.

    The greens look good. My lettuce is barely up.

    We haven't had any of the white or icy stuff yet....

    1. Boy, and bunch they have. Hope you don't GET the icy or white stuff. Seems we both have the high winds, though. Take care.


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