Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Not so spring-y

Not the weather, though.  It's pretty darn spring-like outside right now, even though the temps are bottoming out as I type.  Last night was mild and we got about 1/4", making the beds fragrant and soft enough to lure a small flock of robins to investigate!

I was so excited (I don't have much of a life. *heh*).  I grabbed the camera and hurried down the deck steps.  Except - I caught just the edge of the bottom step and WHAMMO - down I went.  Nope - not spring-y at all. :-(

Oh, I'm OK.  A couple of abrasions on right palm of my hand and a sore elbow to go with it.  Everything should heal up, no prob.

Unfortunately, there was a casualty.  *sigh*  The zoom focus on the dropped camera no longer functions. That's sure gonna cramp my style.

Luckily the close-up function still works. :-D

Click the pic for basement plants update. =>


  1. Cameras can be fixed/replaced, your body is more precious (oops, that comment sounds really weird - but you know what I mean!!). So glad you are OK.

  2. Oh Kris! Be careful....I hate that your camera was damaged. I have dropped mine a time or two but no damage so far. I try to remember to use the neck strap now. Glad you weren't hurt.

    You've got a life.....we are just getting old enough to know what is important.....robins and signs of spring!

  3. Is that your yard? It's wonderful! Not wonderful is your fall and camera damage. Digital cameras seem to be easy to break. I've gone through several in the past couple of years.

  4. Thanks all for the concern. I'm still sore, but okay. Since I snapped that pic of the backyard, we've had about 4" of snow and temps in the teens. Brrrr. Bet those robins are ticked.


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