Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dirt therapy

Gosh, I'm well and truly bushed, cream-crackered (I love this British-ism) if you will.  I've spent Friday and Saturday getting stuff done in the gardens with the help of Craig and his helpful son, N.

After my follow-up visit to the neurologist (like I said, all he did was comment that the scans were clear and even though I mentioned that my right face/neck/arm went totally numb on 2 separate occasions, he said basically - he's got nothing to offer me) the stress level had ramped up.  Thankfully N. came in the afternoon and I got a good dose of dirt therapy.

Between the two of us we accomplished (among other things):

* Removed the rest of the ill-advised landscape fabric from around the shrubs along the driveway - without wood chips (supply dried up), I kept mowing over the fabric and spraying it all over the nabe's lawn;
* raked up all the scuffle-hoed debris from the fence, veg, fertile crescent beds (which I'd done over the previous 2 days) and hauled the piles of weeds back to the compost;
* pulled up all the tripods, lattice and tomato stakes from the crescent bed;
* fetched 5 mature lavender plants from Mom's gardens (once something gets to full-size, she tends to yank stuff out deciding she suddenly 'doesn't like it');
* pushed around a couple barrow-loads of dirt and found most of the chipmunk holes, sunken spots in the lawns and pounded them full so the mower doesn't bounced into them - jarring my neck & back;
* moved a roll of wooden snow fence back to the shed; 
* transplanted a gi-normous rhubarb crown from the old veg bed, split it and planted it in one of the 3 (installed last Fall) raised beds back by the golf course;

*Whew*   Around six (4 hours later) I was a wreck but still I asked N. if he wanted more hours.  Sure!  (*pant* - a mixed blessing of a response if ever there was one)  Thankfully - about 10 minutes later he said - "Okay if I just come back tomorrow?  I'm kinda tired...."  Yay.  I would have soldiered on, assuming he wouldn't be back for a couple of weeks...

Saturday morning (early) Craig came gave the new veg bed a 3rd and final tilling as well as a quick run over the fertile crescent part of the ring bed.  Now both can be planted up - and then it will need sturdy deer protection.

N. arrived before noon and in 2.5 hours we:

* planted the 5 'rescue' lavender plants,
* cut back half-a-dozen HUGE butterfly bushes to the ground (to regrow),
* collected all the recently-fallen branches from around the yard,
* filled more sink holes
* etc.

And, like Friday, while he was busy, I was mowing lawns and BAGGING the clippings.  Since he was available to wrestle the full bags and dump them on beds, I was eager to collect as much as I could as the lawns this Spring are thick and lush and growing fast.

I'm so glad we got so much done, but I'm sure looking forward to a nice quiet Sunday!  I noticed the asparagus is popping so that's certainly on the menu today and I think there is a good film coming on this afternoon.  Just what the doctor ordered.  (Well, not any of MY doctors.... idiots.)


  1. My goodness, you put my meager gardening efforts to shame. Haven`t you been industrious!
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Don't knock your efforts, Sarina. You do so much in your home and gardens and I enjoy all your posts about your adventures. This post seems full, but if I had done it NORMALLY by myself, it would have taken all of April... *heh*

  2. Kudos to you for getting so much done even when not at your physical peak. Thank goodness for Craig and N.! I hope you get some help and encouragement from the physical therapist. I had back problems many years ago, and the doctors basically reminded me of Nazis (not an exaggeration, one of them laughed at causing me pain during his examination). The physical therapist who helped me, however, was a saint.

    1. Yep, really looking forward to this Thursday's evaluation. ANYthing to deal with the neck stiffness, pain & all this numbness.

      And I give full credit to Craig and N. for their hard work (and even considering DOing stuff like this - it's near impossible to find help anymore. Kids may show up once, then you never see them again. Heck, I've had PROFESSIONALs do the same thing!)

  3. You have such good help there. I'm glad.
    Now, can I borrow them??

    1. Should I send them equipped with snow shovels? ;-D

  4. I am so glad you have some help. I may be on the track of someone I can use for some chain saw and heavy duty trimming work.

    I enjoy you the red rhubarb; mine is not as red as I would like but it is young yet. Do you know the variety you have?

    I hope you had a nice relaxing Sunday.

    1. Glenda - I have NO idea the variety of rhubarb. My mom gave me a hunk of hers 15 years ago and I brought my plant from the old house to here 10 years ago. I really can't kill this thing, no matter the times I 'thought' I didn't want it. LOL Hope you have luck finding a helper. They are like pearls....

  5. Always good for the soul when one can complete a task - changes one's view of the world, so to speak :)

    1. Stress was sure building up since I was getting so far behind on things around here, especially the gardens since so much needs to be done in Spring. What a spirit-lifter as you say....

  6. Lovely to see such progress, certainly a "spirit lifter" and we all need one of those every now and again :}


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