Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Losing ground

First off - the good news.  I've spent some time this morning playing catch-up with my side-bar blog pages.  You'll find new stuff on 4 pages:

Chef's Table,
Plant Propagation,
Vegetables, and
Garden Projects.

You'll find that, aside from my crabbing about my failing health, I DO manage to get some fun things done around here lately!  Hope you'll click your way over there (from the sidebar links) and check things out.

After 3 years, the redbud tree is actually blooming. 
(Note the LOUSY mortar job on my chimney. 
It serves as 2 reminders:
1) even the 'good guys' can screw up and
2) stress can cripple you if you don't do something about it

Then, the bad news.  Yesterday I had, what I considered, a day of light activity (shopping and errands, then bringing up those plants from the basement (see Vegetable Page)).  I seemed to be no worse than normal then, last evening as I sat down to catch up on some blog reading, my right side was flushed with 'fizz' and numbness.  My head felt like a ton and a really bad headache.  I was afraid I was going to faint.

I can, in retrospect, think what MAY have happened.  Severe neck pinch (and nary a Vulcan in sight!) which caused my right side to start to go numb.  All the rest: nausea, shaking, fear, fast heart rate, feeling faint were likely the result of a (totally understandable) panic attack from the sudden numbness onset.

It took me several hours (and a long phone call with a friend, Lauree - who has been a ROCK during this whole health fiasco) to get me through the worst of the panic while the adrenaline worked out of my system and the pain in my head/neck subsided.

This morning my face is numbish and neck is very stiff.  One thing during our phone call last night,she encouraged me to get some PT for my neck.  It may help things and it can't hurt.  I do have an order (Rx) for same from the neuro-surgeon and will call the therapist today (Update: evaluation appt May 9 - yay!).  I also have (FINALLY!) a follow-up visit this Friday to the neurologist who has left me dangling after my tests taken back in MARCH.

Otherwise, the sun is shining and I'm supposed to mow the lawns today.  I'll have to think about that one... (Another update - yep, I mowed.  Only partly and with lots of breaks.)


  1. That is scary. I hope the follow-up with the neurologist is helpful.

    Dare I suggest a glass of wine when you begin to feel tense. That helps me relax.

    Take it easy during this cold spell!

    1. No cold spell here - 70s flirting with 80 and 50s at night. I'm not tense. These sudden 'attacks' are due to quick flushes of numbness that just scare the bejezzus out of me. I hold out no hope for the neurologist as my brain scans are clear. I AM looking forward to a spine eval by a physical therapist next week. Fingers crossed there.

  2. I'm sorry you're not getting any answers, and positive thoughts are coming your way that you will find some help and healing. :-)

    1. Amy! Long time, no hear. Glad you are still here in cyberland. No - no help at all from any medicos. Right now I'm getting most help from online cruising and reruns of House. LOL Thanks for the thoughts!


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