Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Again a mixed bag

Well, the blood work etc. is back and all tests for celiac are - negative.  Odd.  I seem to have lots of symptoms.  Still, this isn't definitive.  I'm making arrangements with a gastroenterologist (one other than my usual gastro surgeon (who is only in the office one day a week - not responsive enough for my liking at this time)) who will, most likely advise an endoscope for to confirm the lack of celiac and, perhaps, find something ELSE that is keeping me from gaining weight. 

Either way, it's the not knowing that is the hardest to deal with.  Perhaps my digestion if fine, but the Hashimoto's Disease is making it hard for me to calm down enough to process.  I'm trying to hook up with other Hashimoto's sufferers (numbers that are climbing every year) for insight and advice.

I don't know what they put in the IV during the ACTH test last Wednesday.  As drained and down and overly-emotional as I was when I took the test, my friend noticed that by afternoon I'd perked up considerably. was more vital and positive.  And it was Wednesday night that I got that 8 hours of sleep.  The 'uplift' continued thru Thursday and have been doing pretty good getting down food since then.  I don't know what drugs/hormones the test included, but I'm certainly going to talk to the doctor during the followup to see if I can get that stuff in a supplement somewhere!

Meanwhile I've gotten a few chores done over the past days - paltry compared to what my old self could have done in no time.  Still, it's heartening to not feel so overwhelmed all the time.  

I added a few dozen Cortland onion plants to the fence veg bed (down past the garden globe). Those seedling were so healthy I just couldn't bear NOT getting them in the ground.  Next I'll make a first (short row) of bush beans in the empty area nearest the compost bin, leaving half of the space for a another short row later in the season.

I've also sprouted some bush champion cukes and will be growing them in the deep pots in front of the deck this year.  I can keep them draped under netting to save them from the deer....

One day at a time.  Some better, some less. 

But forward.  It's all I can do.


  1. Kris,it sounds like you are slowly getting some answers, but more to go.

    Glad you felt good enough to do some outside things. Busy is always good for me.

    Forward is all any of us can do no matter our lives or circumstances.

  2. If it makes you feel any better you have a hundred times more veggies on the go than me.

    I have some tomato plants in the greenhouse and that's it (apart from soft fruit bushes but they're perennial and pretty much look after themselves).

    Hope you get some medical progress soon :}


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