Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I'm really tired of Fall.

Can we get some Summer please?

Today's high will only be in the 60s (maybe).

Tonight, forecasted for 48F (which means closer to 40F here).

And did I mention the frequent GLOOM?

Outside right now.

I had to wear a jacket to the post office!  The house is chilly I'm thinking of a HOT meal for lunch. 

This July and August has seen more nights in the 40s that most Septembers!

No wonder the gardens blooms and harvest is so poor (another meager harvest on the veg page) this year.  I don't think the soil has ever warmed up.

Maybe the weird weather is because the sun is just about ready to flip its Magnetic Field in the next few months.

Who knows.   All I know it's been (and continues to be) not the best growing year, for sure.


  1. We have the same thing here. Most nights are in the low 40's. I blame the poor corn and green bean germination on cold soil conditions. Every year seems to bring more challenges. It's getting harder and harder to say "maybe NEXT year will be THE year".

    1. Last time we had a really good growing season was 2011 when it was warm and we got lots of sunshine between record rainfalls. I could have sprouted a rock that year. CLICK HERE for that year's harvest.


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