Thursday, August 8, 2013

Goodbye old friend...

I love my project pants.  I practically LIVE in them when I'm outside (and that's most of the time).

I choose them carefully from my stash - loose enough for comfort, but not so much that they need a belt to hold them up.

Lighter weight denim because I wear them even on hot days (keeps my knees a lot cleaner).

And I really do appreciate fabric with even 2% spandex for stretch.

Yep - like a 2nd skin.  I feel I can do anything when I'm so suited up.

So they get a lot of wear and tear.  I even try not to launder them too often as the denim starts breaking down.

Eventually, though, they can't go the distance.  Oh, I patch them often (I like to use pockets from old denim shirts) and overstitch weakened areas of stress when I can, but there comes a point when there just isn't enough pant to hold a patch.


I think this pair lasted 2 years of full-time service.  (Maybe 3.  I cannot find pics of their predecessor.)

Most jeans go out with full service honors - respect due to a fallen comrade.

But these poor things, have a demerit on their record.  Oh I know, it wasn't their fault.  It was the wearer, not the worn.

Y'see, since I've been ill this year (lost weight, extreme fatigue, bizarre spells, frightening episodes, and the like) your's truly has been doing much more sitting than ever before in my long recollection.

There was no help for it.

And, had these pants been newer, the fabric washed less leaving them more robust, they probably could have taken this year's hit in stride (so to speak).

But no. Already on their last legs,  they succumbed to this regretable, embarrassing insult.

Oh the poor things.  Just LOOK!

They've actually gone so thin on the backside that they've worn through.  *sob*  I'd so hoped these would finish out this year.  I could wear project pants even if the legs fell off, but(t) when the draft comes in from the wrong side ....  nope.

So, bye bye old friend.  RIP (literally!).

Time to head to Goodwill.

Updated veg, flower and garden projects pages today.  What's up with that? LOL


  1. So sad!
    My husband has an old tshirt he wears as pj's. The collar is frayed so badly it looks like fringe and it's paper thin. But, it's SO comfortable , he won't give it up.
    I usually get 3 years out of a pair of jeans--1 year as a "good" pair, 2 as garden pants. It's always hard to let's when they are the softest and most comfortable that they tear.
    So, do you have a replacement all lined up?

    1. I'll be heading to Goodwill today, lining up a bunch of interviews in the dressing room. You can't beat comfort AND utility for getting a garden job done!


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