Friday, August 2, 2013


We're marking a milestone today.

Can you spot it?

Look closer.

There ya go.

My blue Roses - of - Sharon have gotten big enough to touch each other.

Another step in the ongoing privacy project.

Meanwhile, the double-file viburnums have quite a bit to go in that respect.

Another sort of milestone.

This hose has been curled under this bench for over 6 weeks.

We've gotten enough rain so that I didn't need to water as much, and when I did need to, the barrels have been full so  I used rainwater instead.

I could not have done that had all my vegs been out in the field instead of closer to the house in front of the privacy fence.

While I probably shouldn't be hauling water* as often as I do, still it's kind of an achievement to not have to use valuable well-water resources this summer.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that August will continue to be cool and give us more decent rain.

(*Let's not tell my physical therapist, okay? ;-D)



  1. Glad your privacy project is maturing! I planted Rose of Sharon around our daughter's patio several years ago and she just told me they are enjoying their patio much more now!

    Our August is starting out very wet.....we got another 1.25 early this morning!

  2. Forgot to add how beautiful your Stargazer lily is!

    1. I had a net over the plant for almost 2 mos to keep the deer from eating the buds. I cannot believe it actually bloomed this year as I've saved it 2ce before. The lily is beautiful, but the scent is just outstanding!


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