Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sickly Sunday

I've been fighting 'something' for a couple of days - probably a cold (please, please not the flu).

Not feeling up to snuff, for sure.

But there are things to deal with:

For the past 3 days it's gone VERY cold after 2 days in the 90s.

The house is too cool (only 64 this a.m.) and still damp from a recent rain so THIS kicked on this morning.   (Geez, the darn thing didn't kick OFF until June this year!) Now it's already on?  *sniffle*

And then there is the wacko neighbor acting up again, leaving me 'things' on my deck.  Now I have to remind him to STAY AWAY FROM ME. 

He comes into my yard again, maybe I'll have the Sheriff remind him.


Are we all still enjoying September?


  1. We had our first frost Friday night. I'm glad. I'm done with everything garden related and this means after I finish the buckets of apples and the table full of pears it's ME time. Hooray!

    Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope it's just a quick thing. It's too darn early for flu (yea, right!)

    Take care!

    1. Hey Sue. Frost already? But I know the feeling of "Yay. Now I can stop trying!" LOL I would truly not enjoy living in southern states where people garden all year. I NEED winters to recoup and regain perspective. Besides, if you had to garden all the time, where would be all that anticipation/appreciation for Spring. Apples & pears? Yum. And then there are all those blueberries...*drool* :-D

    2. P.S. Still wish I could a)comment on your blog or b)send you a chatty email....

  2. Ah, and here I'm bemoaning the onset of spring - I LOVE aurumn / winter LOL

    Feel better.

    1. Thanks, Dani. Yep, I'm taking it easy right now. Who doesn't love Autumn? Spring is gearing uP, while Fall is winding Down.... and settling in for winter. Would love to see pics of how the dam is looking right now after all that rain... Hope M is healing up.

  3. Hope you are feeling better by now....I am ready for a killing frost...I got so far behind with gardening and weeding that I need an excuse not to feel guilty for letting things go. Of course, I will still need to clean up and trim things.......

    I think all my company is over now so I will try to catch up on blogging and reading.

    1. Yeah, company is great, but can really throw a schedule for a loop. Only 41F this morning. The furnace is on. Good grief it was a short cool summer. Hope winter isn't going to be a bear this year. Not looking forward to cleanup up here...heh

  4. I'm home sick with a sinus infection, too. Super big party in my nose. What is your neighbor leaving on your porch? Do you need a restraining order?


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