Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good news :-) Bad news :-(

Good news!

My ever more expensive, ever less connected ATT DSL line is GONE!  Today I responded to the ATT upgrade (FREE to me) for FIBER OPTIC Internet service and digital phone. (In the back - new ATT router/modem & UPS (uninterrupted power supply).   Up front, the old DSL modem and Apple router and all the wires.)  After all the paperwork was shuffled I now get (for me) blazing internet, digital phone and free long distance and the cost?  Over $30 LESS (for the next 12 months) than I'm paying for phone/internet now.  Then it pops back up to what I'm paying now.  Until then... big smiles here!

I used to get 82kbps internet (when it wasn't dropping me out).  Right this moment I'm getting (waaaait for it)... 485kbps.   Fasten your seat belt (yeah yeah some of you get 45gb).  This is flying!

And talk about transmission range. I couldn't use my iPad if I stepped off the deck.  Today I turned on a video on the laptop, left it running, then walked back all the way to the golf course while watching yet ANOTHER video at the same time on the iPad.  Ahhhhh.  I was thrilled.

Until..... Bad news!

I glanced up from the screen and saw -- this. 

The f^cking deer are in rut and the bucks are sharpening their antlers on my trees. This Prairie Fire crabapple is a totally trashed. Wish I could upgrade my pellet rifle -- for something a little more effective. *#$(#*@!!   Like I say - we all should enjoy more venison!


  1. Great news on the internet!

    Blasted Deer!!!! Wish you could really blast them........

  2. I share you internet joy / woes - ours seems to be down more than up...

    The joys of living in the country?!?


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