Thursday, October 3, 2013


I've been VERY busy since Saturday (check garden project page - several new entries this week) and still had several more things to do outside today before the rain rolled in this afternoon.

Nobody told the rain. While filling the feeder this morning around 7:00 a huge roll of thunder 'bout knocked me right out of my slippers! LOL

I got back to the house before it really came down. After an hour or so of sipping tea in the sunroom and watching the rain, it quit. We got half an inch. Yay! It's been so dry lately. Fortunately (well, actually, good planning) the lawn was mowed yesterday, and the deck activity (yeah, that project page, really, you should check it out) was done.

Today I'm taking it easy - doing only paperwork, some errands and maybe even some *yuk* housecleaning. Or not. I'm playing it by ear today.


  1. Gotta watch out for that thunder---it hangs out a lot with an "electrifying" buddy-LOL!
    A day off sounds like a fine idea. If only it worked that way. I sit on the deck and notice things, and the next thing you know...............................weeding, or watering, or.........
    Have a good day

    1. Same here, Sue. Sitting lasted maybe 30 minutes, then STUFF happened and I've been running around ever since. LOL Hope you're having a good day. :-D

  2. Lucky you getting more rain! Your yard looks wonderful.

    The work never ends you know.


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